Peptides Biology and Chemistry

Proceedings of the 1996 Chinese Peptide Symposium July 21–25, 1996, Chengdu, China

  • Xiao-Jie Xu
  • Yun-Hua Ye
  • James P. Tam

Part of the Chinese Peptide Symposia book series (CPSY)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. Approach and Methods

    1. James P. Tam, Lian-Shan Zhang, Paolo Botti, Yi-An Lu
      Pages 3-7
    2. Horst Kunz, Karsten von dem Bruch, G. Kretzschmar, Ulrich Sprengard
      Pages 8-11
    3. J.-A. Fehrentz, C. Pothion, C. Devin, M. Paris, P. Chevallet, F. Winternitz et al.
      Pages 12-14
    4. Toru Kawakami, Shuji Kogure, Saburo Aimoto
      Pages 17-21
    5. W. Berts, R.C. Vollinga, K. Luthman, U. Hacksell
      Pages 25-26
    6. Lin Chen, George Barany
      Pages 27-28
    7. Lei Huang, De-Xin Wang, Shi-Jun Li
      Pages 29-30
    8. Rui Wang, Jing-Man Ni, Xin-Fu Pan, Xiao-Wu Yang, Xiao-Yu Hu
      Pages 31-32
    9. A.M. Doherty, W.L. Cody, D.M. Leonard, M. Creswell, G.L. Bolton, D. McNamara et al.
      Pages 35-36
    10. De-Xin Wang, Lei Huang
      Pages 40-41
    11. Guo-Wen Xing, Gui-Ling Tian, Ying Lu, Yun-Hua Ye
      Pages 50-51
  3. Molecular Diversity-Peptide Libraries

    1. M. Meldal, E. Meinjohanns, K. Frische, T. Jensen, P. Hansen, O. Werdelin et al.
      Pages 59-62
    2. Rui Fang, Jie Qi, Tian-Yu Li, Hui Zhou, Wei Li
      Pages 75-77
    3. Yan-Ling Song, Xia Wang, Shu-Wen He, Sheng Jin, Jun-Da Liu, Shu Wang
      Pages 78-80
    4. Mu-Xin Wei, S. Naruse, K. Nokihara, T. Ozakjb, E. Ando, De-Zhen Chen et al.
      Pages 83-85
    5. Bin Yang, Zong-Jin Han, Ke-Liang Liu, Zhen-Kai Ding
      Pages 86-87
  4. Conformation of Peptides and Proteins

    1. Gabriele Tuchscherer, Pascal Dumy, Patrick Garrouste, Christian Lehmann, Marc Mathieu, Cristina Peggion et al.
      Pages 91-93
    2. Hou-Li Jiang, Bin Yang, Bing-Yu Liua, Ye-Mei Fan, Shi-Jie Shen, Zhen-Kai Ding
      Pages 102-103
    3. Rui Wang, Jing-Man Ni, Xiao-Wu Yang, Xiao-Yu Hu, Xin-Fu Pan
      Pages 104-105
    4. Jun-Mei Wang, Xiao-Jie Xu, Fan Jiang
      Pages 106-108
    5. Ji-Sheng Chen, Bing-Gen Ru, Fu-Sheng Lin, Dong-Mei Yang, Pai-Ai Zhou, Cai-Hong Wu et al.
      Pages 109-110
  5. Structure and Design

    1. V.J. Hruby, S. Liao, M. Shenderovich, X. Qian, G.G. Bonner, G. Han et al.
      Pages 113-117
    2. Du-Sheng Cheng, Feng-Yun Liu, Xiu-Zhen Li, Guo-Li Wang
      Pages 118-119
    3. Zhen-Wei Miao, Xiang-Qun Li, Chong-Xi Li, Xiao-Jie Xu, You-Qi Tang
      Pages 120-123
    4. Xiao-Hua Chen, Xiao-Lin Hao, Gui-Ling Tian, Yun-Hua Ye
      Pages 124-125
    5. Xiao-Lin Hao, Xiao-Hua Chen, Yun-Hua Ye
      Pages 126-127
  6. Bioactive Peptides

    1. John D. Wade, Feng Lin, Yan-Yeow Tan, Gert Talbo, Geoffrey W. Tregear
      Pages 131-133
    2. Jin-Gen Deng, Yasumasa Hamada, Takayuki Shioiri
      Pages 134-135
    3. P. W. Schiller, G. Weltrowska, I. Berezowska, T.M.-D. Nguyen, N. N. Chung, C. Lemieux et al.
      Pages 138-141

About this book


The fourth Chinese Peptide Symposium, hosted by Peking University, was held at Chengdu, China on July 21 25, 1996 with 164 participants, including 45 scientists from abroad, representing 12 countries. The four day conference was both intense and spiritually rewarding. Our goal for CPS 96 was to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge, cooperation and friendship between the international and Chinese scientific communities, and we believe this goal was met. The symposium consisted of 10 sessions with 55 oral and 78 poster presentations, including synthetic methods, molecular diversity and peptide libraries, structure and conformation of peptides and proteins, bioactive peptides, peptide immunology, De Novo design and synthesis of proteins and peptides, ligand receptor interactions, the chemistry biology interface and challenging problems in peptides. Theenthusiasticcooperationandexcellentcontributionsweregratifying andtheactive response of the invited speakers contributed to the success of the symposium. The presentations were of excellent caliber and represented the most current and significant aspects of peptide science. Dr. James P. Tam and Dr. Jie Cheng Xu were the recipients of ‘The Cathay Award’ sponsored by the H. H. Liu Education Foundation, offered for their seminal contributions in peptide science and the Chinese Peptide Symposium. Four outstanding young scientists were selected by the organizing committee to receive awards sponsored by Haikou Nanhai Pharmaceutical Industry Co. Ltd. (Zhong He Group).


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  • Xiao-Jie Xu
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  • Yun-Hua Ye
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  • James P. Tam
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  1. 1.Department of ChemistryPeking UniversityBeijingChina
  2. 2.Department of Microbiology and ImmunologyVanderbilt UniversityNashvilleUSA

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