Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure II

  • Nikolay Kolchanov
  • Ralf Hofestaedt
  • Luciano Milanesi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Computational Structural, Functional and Evolutionary Genomics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. T. V. Astakhova, S. V. Petrova, I. I. Tsitovich, M. A. Roytberg
      Pages 3-10
    3. A. S. Brok-Volchanski, I. S. Masulis, K. S. Shavkunov, V. I. Lukyanov, Yu. A. Purtov, E. G. Kostyanicina et al.
      Pages 11-20
    4. N. Kolchanov, E. Ignatieva, O. Podkolodnaya, E. Ananko, I. Stepanenko, T. Merkulova et al.
      Pages 43-53
    5. T. Khlebodarova, O. Podkolodnaya, D. Oshchepkov, D. Miginsky, E. Ananko, E. Ignatieva
      Pages 55-65
    6. S. G. Kamzolova, A. A. Sorokin, P. M. Beskaravainy, A. A. Osypov
      Pages 67-74
    7. A. Katokhin, V. Levitsky, D. Oshchepkov, A. Poplavsky, V. Trifonov, D. Furman
      Pages 75-83
    8. Yu. L. Orlov, V. G. Levitsky, O. G. Smirnova, O. A. Podkolodnaya, T. M. Khlebodarova, N. A. Kolchanov
      Pages 85-95
    9. V. G. Levitsky, A. G. Pichueva, A. V. Kochetov, L. Milanesi
      Pages 97-103
    10. I. Titov, D. Vorobiev, A. Palyanov
      Pages 105-110
    11. M. S. Gelfand, A. V. Gerasimova, E. A. Kotelnikova, O. N. Laikova, V. Y. Makeev, A. A. Mironov et al.
      Pages 111-119
    12. Y. Nishio, Y. Usuda, T. Gojobori, K. Ikeo
      Pages 121-129
    13. O. Novikova, M. Fursov, E. Beresikov, A. Blinov
      Pages 131-140
    14. A. Katyshev, I.B. Rogozin, Yu. Konstantinov
      Pages 141-145
    15. I. Abnizova, R. te Boekhorst, K. Walter, W. R. Gilks
      Pages 165-177
    16. V. Lyubetsky, K. Gorbunov, L. Rusin, V. V’yugin
      Pages 189-204
  3. Computational Structural and Functional Proteomics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 205-205
    2. I. Merelli, L. Pattini, S. Cerutti, L. Milanesi
      Pages 225-233
    3. A. Karyagina, A. Ershova, S. Spirin, A. Alexeevski
      Pages 247-257
    4. A. Chugunov, P. Chavatte, R. Efremov
      Pages 259-270
    5. K. V. Shaitan, K. B. Tereshkina
      Pages 271-284
    6. V. P. Turutina, A. A. Laskin, N. A. Kudryashov, K. G. Skryabin, E. V. Korotkov
      Pages 285-295
    7. V. A. Ivanisenko, S. S. Pintus, P. S. Demenkov, M. A. Krestyanova, E. K. Litvenko, D. A. Grigorovich et al.
      Pages 305-316
    8. Y. Surya pavan, C. K. Mitra, S. M. Bendre
      Pages 317-327
  4. Computational System Biology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 343-343
    2. V. Gor, B. E. Shapiro, H. Jönsson, M. Heisler, G. V. Reddy, E. M. Meyerowitz et al.
      Pages 345-354
    3. M. Chen, R. Hofestaedt
      Pages 355-365
    4. V. A. Likhoshvai, V. V. Kogai, S. I. Fadeev
      Pages 391-404
    5. V. P. Golubyatnikov, V. A. Likhoshvai, E. P. Volokitin, Yu. A. Gaidov, A. F. Osipov
      Pages 405-414
    6. V. A. Likhoshvai, G. V. Demidenko, S. I. Fadeev
      Pages 421-431
    7. N. Omelyanchuk, V. Mironova, A. Poplavsky, N. Podkoldny, N. Kolchanov, E. Mjolsness et al.
      Pages 433-442
    8. E. Ananko, D. Oshchepkov, E. Nedosekina, V. Levitsky, I. Lokhova, O. Smirnova et al.
      Pages 443-450
  5. Biomolecular Data and Processes Analysis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 479-479

About this book


Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure presents selected papers from the Fourth International Conference on Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure (BGRS), held in Novosibirsk, Russia, in July 2004. The conference was organized by the Laboratory of Theoretical Genetics, Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia. The material covers the most recent topics in bioinformatics, including (i) regulatory genomic sequences: databases, knowledge bases, computer analysis, modeling, and recognition; (ii) large-scale genome analysis and functional annotation; (iii) gene structure detection and prediction; (iv) comparative and evolutionary genomics; (v) computer analysis of genome polymorphism and evolution; computer analysis and modeling of transcription, splicing, and translation; structural computational biology: structure- function organization of genomic DNA, RNA, and proteins; (vi) gene networks, signal transduction pathways, and genetically controlled metabolic pathways: databases, knowledge bases, computer analysis, and modeling; principles of organization, operation, and evolution; (vii) data warehousing, knowledge discovery and data mining; and (viii) analysis of basic patterns of genome operation, organization, and evolution.

Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure will be useful for scientists involved in basic and applied research in the field of experimental and theoretical studies of structure-function organization of genomes, university teachers and students, and mathematicians and biologists.


Amino acid Microarray Nucleotide Promoter Proteomics Termination Translation amino acids bioinformatics evolution evolutionary biology gene expression hybridization signal transduction transcription

Editors and affiliations

  • Nikolay Kolchanov
    • 1
  • Ralf Hofestaedt
    • 2
  • Luciano Milanesi
    • 3
  1. 1.Institute of Cytology & GeneticsSiberian Branch of the Russian Academy of SciencesNovosibirskRussia
  2. 2.Bielefeld UniversityBielefeldGermany
  3. 3.CNR-ITB Institute of Biomedical TechnologiesSegrate (Milano)Italy

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