Technology of Breadmaking

  • Stanley P. Cauvain
  • Linda S. Young

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXI
  2. Stanley P. Cauvain
    Pages 1-19
  3. Stanley P. Cauvain
    Pages 21-49
  4. Tony Williams, Gordon Pullen
    Pages 51-91
  5. David Marsh, Stanley P. Cauvain
    Pages 93-140
  6. Chris Wiggins, Stanley P. Cauvain
    Pages 141-173
  7. Stanley P. Cauvain
    Pages 175-205
  8. John T. Gould
    Pages 223-243
  9. Alan J. Bent
    Pages 245-274
  10. Irene M. C. Pateras
    Pages 275-298
  11. Clyde E. Stauffer
    Pages 299-332
  12. Paul Catterall, Stanley P. Cauvain
    Pages 333-369
  13. Stanley P. Cauvain
    Pages 371-388
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 389-397

About this book


To study breadmaking is to realize that, like many other food processes, it is constantly changing as processing methodologies become increasingly more sophisticated, yet at the same time we realize that we are dealing with a foodstuff, the forms of which are very traditional. New ideas and raw materials are constantly being presented to bakers from wheat breeders, millers and ingredient and equipment suppliers for their evaluation. In addition there are on-going changes in legislation and consumer demands. To meet such pressures bakers must be able to better integrate their key raw material, wheat flour, with other ingredients and processing methods to deliver bread of the appropriate quality.

Technology of Breadmaking, Second Edition, sets out to identify and present the new knowledge that has become available in last 10 years, as well as update information. Like the first edition, it provides a useful tool to help bakers, scientists and technologists to cope with those changes.


About the Authors

Stanley P. Cauvain is the Director and Vice President of Research and Development activities at BakeTran.

Linda S. Young is a Director and Vice President of Knowledge Systemization and Training at BakeTran.




amines bread bread making cereals dough food food science processing

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