Protection of Materials and Structures from Space Environment


  • Jacob I. Kleiman
  • Zelina Iskanderova
Conference proceedings

Part of the Space Technology Proceedings book series (SPTP, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Section A

    1. Marc Garneau
      Pages 1-5
    2. Steven L. Koontz, Michael Pedley, Ronald R. Mikatarian, John Golden, Paul Boeder, John Kern et al.
      Pages 31-72
    3. T. Cashman, J. Kaur, L. K. Muhieddine, M. Shanbhag, S. H. Ubaid, Bryan Welch et al.
      Pages 73-80
    4. Hai Liu, Hongbin Geng, Shiyu He, Shiqin Yang, Dezhuang Yang, V. V. Abraimov et al.
      Pages 81-89
    5. Dezhuang Yang, Chundong Li, Hongbin Geng, Shiyu He, Shiqin Yang
      Pages 91-98
    6. B.A. Briskman, E.R. Klinshpont, V.F. Stepanov
      Pages 99-111
    7. Ye. A. Grachov, O.R. Grigoryan, L.S. Novikov, I. V. Tchourilo
      Pages 123-131
    8. Lixin Zhang, Shiqin Yang, Hongbin Geng, Shiyu He, Qiang Wei
      Pages 131-137
  3. Section B

    1. Susan H. C. P. Mccall, Alan A. Clark, Anthony J. Clark, Jacob Kleiman, Zelina Iskanderova, Boris Briskman et al.
      Pages 139-154
    2. C. O. A. Semprimoschnig, S. Heltzel, A. Polsak, M. V. Eesbeek
      Pages 171-181
    3. Joseph E. Haffke, John A. Woollam
      Pages 183-191
    4. S. Remaury, J. C. Guillaumon, P. Nabarra
      Pages 193-201
    5. I. Gouzman, E. Grossman, G. Lempert, Y. Noter, Y. Lifshitz, V. Viel-Inguimbert et al.
      Pages 203-216
    6. E. N. Kablov, V. T. Minakov, I. S. Deev, E. F. Nikishin
      Pages 217-233
    7. Bruce A. Banks, Aaron Snyder, Sharon K. Miller, Rikako Demko
      Pages 235-243
  4. Section C

    1. O. V. Startsev, D. A. Khristoforou, V. V. Issoupov, E. F. Nikishin, A. F. Rumyantsev
      Pages 263-270
    2. V. Issoupov, O. V. Startsev, C. Lacabanne, P. Demont, V. Viel-Ingutmbert, M. Dinguirard et al.
      Pages 271-281
    3. Timothy K. Minton, Donna J. Garton, Hiroshi Kinoshita
      Pages 283-290
    4. Joseph Antoniazzi, Don Milligan
      Pages 291-298
    5. Asta Gindulyte, Lou Massa, Bruce A. Banks, Sharon K. R. Miller
      Pages 299-306
    6. B. G. Atabaev, L. F. Lifanova, F. Rakhimova, A. V. Markov, I. V. Tchourilo
      Pages 319-326
  5. Section D

    1. M. L. Zheludkevich, A. G. Gusakov, A. G. Voropaev, A.A. Vecher, E.N. Kozyrski, S.A. Raspopov
      Pages 351-358
    2. Magdeleine Dinguirard, Marc Van Eesbeek, Adrian P. Tighe
      Pages 367-378
    3. E. Grossman, I. Gouzman, G. Lempert, Y. Noter, Y. Lifshitz
      Pages 379-390
  6. Section E

    1. Yu. Gudimenko, R. Ng, J. Kleiman, Z. Iskanderova, P.C. Hughes, R.C. Tennyson et al.
      Pages 419-434
    2. Arthur J. Gavrin, Siu Wa Au-Yeung, Bob Mojazza, Kent A. Watson, Joseph G. Smith Jr., John W. Connell
      Pages 435-441
    3. Jingyi Wang, Yunfei Wang, Xiankai Zhou, Zegeng Jin, Zhizhan Yu
      Pages 443-450
    4. M. Francke, B. Fritsche, A. Moc, R. B. Heimann, Z. Iskanderova, J. I. Kleiman
      Pages 451-460
    5. V. A. Letin, L. S. Gatsenko, I.S. Deev, E. A. Bakina, A. V. Malenkov, E. F. Nikishin
      Pages 461-474
    6. M. Tagawa, M. Muromoto, H. Kinoshita, N. Ohmae, K. Matsumoto, M. Suzuki
      Pages 475-482
    7. Li Yan, John A. Woollam, Eva Franke
      Pages 483-490
    8. Arthur Gavrin, Jon Nebo, Norm Rice, Lawino Kagumba, Dennis W. Smith Jr., Jack Jin et al.
      Pages 491-501
  7. Section F

About these proceedings


This publication presents the proceedings of ICPMSE-6, the sixth international conference on Protection of Materials and Structures from Space Environment, held in Toronto May 1-3, 2002. The ICPMSE series of meetings became an important part of the LEO space community since it was started in 1991. Since then, the meeting has grown steadily, attracting a large number of engineers, researchers, managers, and scientists from industrial companies, scientific institutions and government agencies in Canada, U. S. A. , Asia, and Europe, thus becoming a true international event. This year’s meeting is gaining even stronger importance with the resumption of the ISS and other space projects in LEO, GEO and Deep Space. To reflect on these activities, the topics in the program have been extended to include protection of materials in GEO and Deep Space. The combination of a broad selection of technical and scientific topics addressed by internationally known speakers with the charm of Toronto and the hospitality of the organizers brings participants back year after year. The conference was hosted and organized by Integrity Testing Laboratory Inc. (ITL), and held at the University of Toronto’s Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS). The meeting was sponsored by the Materials and Manufacturing Ontario (MMO) and the CRESTech, two Ontario Centres of Excellence; Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR/NL); MD Robotics; EMS Technologies; The Integrity Testing Laboratory (ITL); and the UTIAS.


Epoxidharze Phenoplaste Polyethylen Polyimide Polymer alloy composite material crystal modeling

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  • Jacob I. Kleiman
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  • Zelina Iskanderova
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  1. 1.Integrity Testing Laboratory Inc.TorontoCanada

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