International Handbook on Globalisation, Education and Policy Research

Global Pedagogies and Policies

  • Joseph Zajda
  • Kassie Freeman
  • MacLeans Geo-Jaja
  • Suzanne Majhanovic
  • Val Rust
  • Joseph Zajda
  • Rea Zajda

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xliv
  2. Part One

    1. Macleans Geo-Jaja, Joseph Zajda
      Pages 109-129
    2. Jerzy Smolicz, Margaret Secombe
      Pages 207-220
    3. Val D. Rust, W. James Jacob
      Pages 235-252
    4. Holger Daun, Reza Arjmand
      Pages 377-388
  3. Globalisation, Education and Policy Research: Changing Schools

    1. Val D. Rust
      Pages 443-455
    2. Dan O’Brien
      Pages 481-500
    3. Donna Gibbs, Tom Mullins, Kerry-Ann O’Sullivan
      Pages 567-582
    4. Margaret Winzer, Kas Mazurek
      Pages 643-658
    5. Lawrence J. Saha
      Pages 745-755

About this book


The aim of this Handbook is to present a global overview of developments in education and policy change during the last decade. It has the objective of providing both a strategic education policy statement on recent shifts in education and policy research globally and offers new approaches to further exploration, development and improvement of education and policy making.

The Handbook attempts to address some of the above issues and problems confronting educators and policy makers globally. Different articles seek to conceptualize the on-going problems of education policy formulation and implementation, and provide a useful synthesis of the education policy research conducted in different countries, and practical implications.

The Handbook, by focusing on such issues as
- the OECD (2001) model of the knowledge society, and associated strategic challenge and 'deliverable goals' (OECD 2001:139)
- UNESCO-driven lifelong learning paradigm, and its relevance to education policy makers, globally
- different models of policy planning, and equity questions that are raised by centralization/decentralization, diversity/uniformity and curriculum standardization issues
- the 'crises' of educational quality, the debate of standards and excellence, and good and effective teaching.
- will contribute to a better and more holistic understanding of the education policy and research nexus; offering possible strategies for the effective and pragmatic policy planning and implementation at the local, regional and national levels.


Diversity Educational Leadership Governance OECD Standards UNESCO curriculum education education policy education reform higher education learning lifelong learning quality university

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  • Kassie Freeman
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  • MacLeans Geo-Jaja
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  • Suzanne Majhanovic
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  • Val Rust
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  • Joseph Zajda
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