Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment

Proceedings of the 14th International Nitrogen Fixation Congress

  • Yi-Ping Wang
  • Min Lin
  • Zhe-Xian Tian
  • Claudine Elmerich
  • William E. Newton
Conference proceedings

Part of the Current Plant Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture book series (PSBA, volume 41)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Wu Xintao
    Pages 3-6
  3. Keynote Address

    1. Dietrich Werner, Suresh K. Mahna, Vertica Mahobia, B. N. Prasad, Jose M. Barea, Heidemarie Thierfelder et al.
      Pages 13-17
  4. Nitrogenase: The Origin, the Enzymes, and the Chemistry

    1. Sanchayita Sen, John W. Peters
      Pages 29-33
    2. Du Shaowu, Liu Qiutian, Kang Beisheng, Chen Changren, Cao Rong
      Pages 35-38
    3. Yoshiaki Nishibayashi, Sakae Uemura, Shin-ichi Takekuma, Zen-ichi Yoshida
      Pages 39-40
    4. Zhou Z Hui, Hou S Ya, Cao Z Xing, Deng Y Fu, Wan H Lin, Tsai K Rui
      Pages 43-45
    5. Dehua Zhao, Feng Guan, Miao Pan, Jilun Li, Hui-Na Zhou, Ying Zhao et al.
      Pages 46-49
  5. Genetics and Regulation in Heterotrophs and Photosynthetic Bacteria

    1. Richard Little, Isabel Martinez-Argudo, Neil Shearer, Philip Johnson, Ray Dixon
      Pages 53-57
    2. Wigneshweraraj S R, Burrows P C, Bordes P, Schumacher J, Rappas M, Finn R D et al.
      Pages 59-63
    3. Yinhong Zhao, Yunming Shi, Guohua Yang, Ying Zhang, Xu Huang, Jindong Zhao
      Pages 69-72
    4. Karl Forchhammer, Annette Heinrich, Nicole Kloft, Mani Maheswaran, Ulrike Ruppert
      Pages 73-75
    5. Cheng-Cai Zhang, Sophie Laurent, Sylvie Bédu
      Pages 77-78
    6. Tomas Edgren, Stefan Nordlund
      Pages 79-82
    7. Zhihong Xie, Jie Pan, Shuzheng Ping, Ming Chen, Guoying Wang, Yi Yang et al.
      Pages 91-92
    8. Bernd Masepohl, Meriyem Aktas, Margit Brusch, Thomas Drepper, Britta Schubert, Christa Sicking et al.
      Pages 95-107
  6. From Genomes to Function

    1. Fábio O. Pedrosa, Genopar Consortium
      Pages 111-114
    2. J. Cheng, J. Fowler, A. Cowie, R. Zaheer, C. Patten, C. Sibley et al.
      Pages 115-118
    3. A. Pühler, A. Becker, J. Buhrmester, T.-C. Chao, S. Rüberg, S. Weidner
      Pages 119-122
    4. S. Sato, T. Kaneko, Y. Nakamura, E. Asamizu, T. Kato, S. Tabata
      Pages 123-125
    5. Brenda K. Schroeder, Brent L. House, Michael W. Mortimer, Scott C. Maloney, Casey A. Taylor, Kristel L. Ward et al.
      Pages 127-128
    6. Sirin Adham, Asha Jacob, David Capstick, Trevor C. Charles
      Pages 129-130
    7. Shigeyuki Tajima, T-P Le Hoa, Rie Hamaguchi, Mika Nomura
      Pages 131-132
    8. Zhe-Xian Tian, Hua-Song Zou, Jian Li, Yuan-Tao Zhang, Guan-Qiao Yu, Silvia Rüberg et al.
      Pages 133-135
    9. Normand P, Felix S, Alloisio N, Marechal J, Lavire C, Berry A M et al.
      Pages 137-138
    10. Toshiki Uchiumi, Takuji Ohwada, Takakazu Kaneko, Tadashi Yokoyama, Kazuhiko Saeki, Makoto Hayashi et al.
      Pages 139-143
  7. Establishment of Symbiosis and Nodule Function

    1. Adam Kondorosi, José Maria Vinardell, Toshiki Uchiumi, Peter Mergaert, Eva Kondorosi
      Pages 147-151
    2. Rossana Mirabella, Marijke Hartog, Carolien Franken, René Geurts, Ton Bisseling
      Pages 153-155
    3. Pawlowski Katharina, Zdyb Anna, Hause Bettina, Göbel Cornelia, Feussner Ivo, Demchenko Kirill
      Pages 157-160
    4. Marcelle Holsters, Ward Capoen, Jeroen den Herder, Sofie Goormachtig
      Pages 161-164
    5. F. Debellé, C. Bres, J. Lévy, B. Ben Amor, JF. Arrighi, F. Maillet et al.
      Pages 165-168
    6. Cynthia Gleason, Raka Mitra, Péter Kaló, Christine Galera, Clare Gough, Jean Dénarié et al.
      Pages 169-172
    7. Peter M. Gresshoff, Gustavo Gualtieri, Titeki Laniya, Arief Indrasumunar, Akira Miyahara, Sureeporn Nontachaiyapoom et al.
      Pages 173-178
    8. Satoko Yoshida, Martin Parniske
      Pages 183-185
    9. James White, Alex Bourdes, Arthur Hosie, Seonag Kinghorn, Philip Poole
      Pages 189-192
    10. Elizabeth A. Rathbun, Nicholas J. Brewin
      Pages 193-194
    11. Haruko Imaizumi-Anraku, Naoya Takeda, Martin Parniske, Makoto Hayashi, Shinji Kawasaki
      Pages 195-197
    12. Mónica Collavino, Daniel H. Grasso, Pablo M. Riccillo, O. Mario Aguilar
      Pages 199-200
    13. Schumpp O., Deakin W. J., Staehelin C., Broughton W. J.
      Pages 201-202

About these proceedings


The 14th International Nitrogen Fixation Congress was held in Beijing, China from October 27th through November 1st, 2004. This volume constitutes the proceedings of the Congress and represents a compilation of the presentations by scientists from more than 30 countries around the World who came to Beijing to discuss the progress made since the last Congress and to exchange ideas and information. This year marked the 30th anniversary of the first Congress held in Pullman, Washington, USA, in 1974. Since then, this series of Congresses has met five times in North America (three in the United States and once each in Canada and Mexico), once in South America (Brazil), four times in Western Europe (once each in Spain, The Netherlands, Germany and France), once in Eastern Europe (Russia), and once in Australia; and now for the first time in Asia. China was a most appropriate choice because China is a big country with the largest population in the World, about 1. 3 billion people, which is about 22% of the World’s population. It is traditionally an agricultural country, even though China has only 7% of the available farming land. This situation explains why agriculture and its productivity are major issues for the Chinese people, its government and the scientists in the field.


biochemistry enzymes evolution genetics nitrogen physiology regulation

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  • Zhe-Xian Tian
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  • Claudine Elmerich
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