Skeletal Muscle Plasticity in Health and Disease

  • Roberto Bottinelli
  • Carlo Reggiani

Part of the Advances in Muscle Research book series (ADMR, volume 2)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VIII
  2. Fadia Haddad, Clay E. Pandorf, Julia M. Giger, Kenneth M. Baldwin
    Pages 55-89
  3. Stefano Schiaffino, Marco Sandri, Marta Murgia
    Pages 91-119
  4. Yewei Liu, Tiansheng Shen, William R. Randall, Martin F. Schneider
    Pages 121-135
  5. Mark A. Gillespie, Chet E. Holterman, Michael A. Rudnicki
    Pages 137-172
  6. Anthony M. Payne, Osvaldo Delbono
    Pages 173-211
  7. Laurence Stevens, Bruno Bastide, Yvonne Mounier
    Pages 213-264
  8. Marco Narici, Costantinos Maganaris
    Pages 265-288
  9. Joaquim Gea, Esther Barreiro, Mauricio Orozco-Levi
    Pages 315-360
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 361-368

About this book


The ability of striated muscle tissue to adapt to changes in activity or in working conditions is extremely high. In some ways it is comparable to the ability of the brain to learn. The interest in muscle adaptation is increasing in relation to the idea that physical fitness helps in the prevention of disease, may counteract the loss of physical performance and generally improves wellbeing. Plasticity is the word used since the late 1970’s to indicate collectively all the processes and mechanisms which form the background of muscle adaptation. This book aims to provide a systematic updating of the available knowledge on molecular and cellular mechanisms, as well as on changes at whole muscle level. The book means to be a guide and a help for people who enter the field as PhD or medical students, but is also a tool for refreshing and updating knowledge for people already active in the field in basic sciences as well as in applied disciplines such as neurology, sports science and rehabilitation.


Adaptation Regeneration cellular mechanisms gene expression genes muscle development myosin heavy chain neurology regulation rehabilitation skeletal muscle tissue transcription

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  • Carlo Reggiani
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