Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Jean-Jacques Greffet
    Pages 1-13
  3. Rémi Carminati
    Pages 15-35
  4. Jean-Jacques Greffet
    Pages 37-54
  5. Rémi Carminati
    Pages 55-76
  6. Karl Joulain
    Pages 107-131
  7. Sebastian Volz
    Pages 133-154
  8. Patrice Chantrenne
    Pages 155-180
  9. Bernard Cretin, Séverine Gomès, Nathalie Trannoy, Pascal Vairac
    Pages 181-238
  10. Stefan Dilhaire, Danièle Fournier, Gilles Tessier
    Pages 239-286
  11. Bernard Cretin, Pascal Vairac
    Pages 287-307
  12. Back Matter

About this book


The book constitutes a particularly complete and original collection of ideas, models, numerical methods and experimental tools which will prove invaluable in the study of microscale and nanoscale heat transfer. It should be of interest to research scientists and thermal engineers who wish to carry out theoretical research or metrology in this field, but also to physicists concerned with the problems of heat transfer, or teachers requiring a solid foundation for an undergraduate university course in this area.


Condensed matter Nanoscience Transport phenomena dynamics heat transfer microscopy transport

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