Cold-Water Corals and Ecosystems

  • André Freiwald
  • J. Murray Roberts

Part of the Erlangen Earth Conference Series book series (ERLANGEN)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXXII
  2. The paleoenvironmental context

    1. Italo Di Geronimo, Carlo Messina, Antonietta Rosso, Rossana Sanfilippo, Francesco Sciuto, Agostina Vertino
      Pages 61-86
    2. Andres Rüggeberg, Boris Dorschel, Wolf-Christian Dullo, Dierk Hebbeln
      Pages 87-112
    3. Norbert Frank, Audrey Lutringer, Martine Paterne, Dominique Blamart, Jean-Pierre Henriet, David van Rooij et al.
      Pages 113-133
  3. Distribution

    1. Marco Taviani, André Freiwald, Helmut Zibrowius
      Pages 137-156
    2. Andrea Schröder-Ritzrau, André Freiwald, Augusto Mangini
      Pages 157-172
    3. Matthias López Correa, André Freiwald, Jason Hall-Spencer, Marco Taviani
      Pages 173-205
    4. German Álvarez-Pérez, Pere Busquets, Ben De Mol, Nicolás G. Sandoval, Miquel Canals, José Luis Casamor
      Pages 207-221
    5. William W. Schroeder, Sandra D. Brooke, Julie B. Olson, Brett Phaneuf, John J. McDonough III, Peter Etnoyer
      Pages 297-307
    6. Javier Reyes, Nadiezhda Santodomingo, Adriana Gracia, Giomar Borrero-Pérez, Gabriel Navas, Luz Marina Mejía-Ladino et al.
      Pages 309-330
    7. Peter Etnoyer, Lance E. Morgan
      Pages 331-343
  4. Mapping

    1. Jan Helge Fosså, Björn Lindberg, Ole Christensen, Tomas Lundälv, Ingvald Svellingen, Pål B. Mortensen et al.
      Pages 359-391
    2. Andrew J. Wheeler, Tim Beck, Jörn Thiede, Michael Klages, Anthony Grehan, F. Xavier Monteys et al.
      Pages 393-402
    3. Anneleen Foubert, Tim Beck, Andrew J. Wheeler, Jan Opderbecke, Anthony Grehan, Michael Klages et al.
      Pages 403-415
    4. Jeremy G. Colman, David M. Gordon, Andy P. Lane, Mike J. Forde, Jeremy J. Fitzpatrick
      Pages 417-441
    5. John K. Reed, Andrew N. Shepard, Christopher C. Koenig, Kathryn M. Scanlon, R. Grant Gilmore Jr.
      Pages 443-465
  5. Exogenic and endogenic controls

    1. J. Murray Roberts, Oliver C. Peppe, Lyndsey A. Dodds, Duncan J. Mercer, William T. Thomson, John D. Gage et al.
      Pages 483-502
    2. Ben De Mol, Jean-Pierre Henriet, Miquel Canals
      Pages 515-533
    3. Veerle A. I. Huvenne, Andreas Beyer, Henk de Haas, Karine Dekindt, Jean-Pierre Henriet, Maxim Kozachenko et al.
      Pages 535-569
    4. Andrew J. Wheeler, Maxim Kozachenko, Andreas Beyer, Anneleen Foubert, Veerle A. I. Huvenne, Michael Klages et al.
      Pages 571-603
    5. Kim W. Conway, Manfred Krautter, J. Vaughn Barrie, Frank Whitney, Richard E. Thomson, Henry Reiswig et al.
      Pages 605-621
  6. Coral Biology

  7. Diversity

    1. Mark J. Costello, Mona McCrea, André Freiwald, Tomas Lundälv, Lisbeth Jonsson, Brian J. Bett et al.
      Pages 771-805

About this book


Following the exciting exploration of hot vent and cold seep ecosystems, the rediscovery of cold-water coral ecosystems with high-technology instrumentation is currently another hot topic in multidisciplinary marine research. Conventionally, coral reefs are regarded as restricted to warm and well-illuminated tropical seas, not associated with cold and dark waters of higher latitudes. However, ongoing scientific missions have shed light on the global significance of this overlooked ecosystem. Cold-water coral ecosystems are involved in the formation of large seabed structures such as reefs and giant carbonate mounds, and they represent unexploited paleo-environmental archives of earth history. Like their tropical cousins, cold-water coral ecosystems harbour rich species diversity. Despite the great water depths, commercial interests overlap more and more with the coral occurrences. Human activities already impinge directly on cold-water coral reefs causing severe damage to this vulnerable ecosystem. In this volume, the current key institutions involved in cold-water coral research have contributed 62 state-of-the-art articles from geology and oceanography to biology and conservation.


Cold-water coral reef Habitat Ocean Oceanography biology chemistry coral reef coral reefs ecosystem environment geology marine paleoenvironmental reefs species diversity

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  • André Freiwald
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  • J. Murray Roberts
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  1. 1.Institute of PaleontologyErlangen UniversityErlangenGermany
  2. 2.Dunstaffnage Marine LaboratoryScottish Association for Marine ScienceOban, ArgyllUK

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