Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. George Marx
    Pages 1-2
  3. George Marx
    Pages 5-10
  4. Dana E. Backman, Francesco Paresce
    Pages 11-12
  5. J. Neal Evans II
    Pages 17-18
  6. B. Campbell, S. Yang, A. W. Irwin, G. A. H. Walker
    Pages 19-20
  7. Jean Schneider, Michel Chevreton
    Pages 33-33
  8. Richard J. Terrile, Eugene H. Levy, George D. Gatewood
    Pages 34-35
  9. J. C. Gregorio Hetem, J. R. D. Lepine, G. R. Quast, C. A. O. Torres, R. de la Reza
    Pages 36-38
  10. A. Duquennoy, M. Mayor
    Pages 39-43
  11. T. L. Wilson
    Pages 48-54
  12. Wanda L. Davis, Laurance R. Doyle, Dana E. Backman, Christopher P. McKay
    Pages 55-61
  13. D. E. Backman, J. R. Stauffer, F. C. Witteborn
    Pages 62-62
  14. Eduardo L. Martin, Gibor Basri, Claude Bertout
    Pages 63-63
  15. David W. Latham, Guillermo Torres, Tsevi Mazeh
    Pages 64-67
  16. William M. Irvine, Åke Hjalmarson, Masatoshi Ohishi
    Pages 71-79
  17. Ronald D. Brown, Dinah M. Cragg, Ryan P. A. Bettens
    Pages 80-84
  18. A. Léger, L. d'Hendecourt, L. Verstraete, C. Joblin
    Pages 88-92
  19. A. Chantal Levasseur-Regourd
    Pages 109-116
  20. A. H. Delsemme
    Pages 117-123
  21. M. Maurette, Ph. Bonny, A. Brack, C. Jouret, M. Pourchet, P. Siry
    Pages 124-132
  22. A. Brahic, B. Sicardy, C. Ferrari, D. Gautier
    Pages 133-133
  23. D. Toublanc, J. P. Parisot, J. Brillet
    Pages 134-135
  24. S. Aiello, S. Tine, C. Cecchi-Pestellini
    Pages 136-138
  25. François Raulin
    Pages 141-148
  26. C. F. Chyba, C. Sagan, L. Brookshaw, P. J. Thomas
    Pages 149-154
  27. D. W. Schwartzman, T. Volk
    Pages 155-162
  28. Laurence R. Doyle, Christopher P. McKay
    Pages 163-172
  29. D. P. Whitmire, R. T. Reynolds, J. F. Kasting
    Pages 173-178
  30. C. P. McKay, L. R. Doyle, W. L. Davis, R. A. Wharton
    Pages 190-192
  31. M. D. Nussinov, S. V. Lysenko
    Pages 199-200
  32. Michael J. Klein, Samuel Gulkis
    Pages 203-209
  33. Edward T. Olsen, Earl B. Jackson, Samuel Gulkis
    Pages 210-216
  34. J. W. Dreher, J. Tarter, D. Werthimer
    Pages 217-222
  35. C. Donnelly, S. Bowyer, W. Herrick, D. Werthimer, M. Lampton, T. Hiatt
    Pages 223-228
  36. Jill Tarter, Michael J. Klein
    Pages 229-235
  37. S. F. Likhachev, G. M. Rudnitskij
    Pages 236-239
  38. Peter B. Boyce, Lawrence H. Wasserman
    Pages 240-243
  39. A. V. Arkhipov
    Pages 244-246

About these proceedings


This book collects together a selection of the best papers presented at the Third International Bioastronomy Symposium held in 1990. The subject is bioastronomy, the search for life in the universe, andthe book is devided according to the five main stages of life as recognized by this new branch of science: cosmic organic, prebiotic, primitive biological, and advanced. Thereader will find here the most recent results obtained by top specialists from all over the world on hot topics such as the formation and discovery of planets, organic chemistry in meteorites and comets, prebiotic chemistry in the atmosphere of Titan, the search for primitive life in the permafrost of Mars, and, SETI itself, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Complemented by live discussions each presentation forms a review of the state-of-the-art treatment of a particular area and also looks toward those developments in bioastronomywhich will surely be realized in the next few years.


Bioastronomie Radioastronomie Weltraum astronomy ausserirdisches Leben bioastronomy extraterrestrial life space

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