Feminist Social Work Theory and Practice

  • Authors
  • Lena Dominelli
  • Editors
  • Jo Campling

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  2. Lena Dominelli
    Pages 1-16
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    Pages 17-40
  4. Lena Dominelli
    Pages 64-83
  5. Lena Dominelli
    Pages 84-104
  6. Lena Dominelli
    Pages 105-124
  7. Lena Dominelli
    Pages 125-143
  8. Lena Dominelli
    Pages 144-160
  9. Lena Dominelli
    Pages 161-165
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 166-193

About this book


Feminist theories of social work have been criticised in recent years for treating women as a uniform category and displaying insufficient sensitivity to the complex ways in which other social divisions (those of race, age, disability, etc.) impact on gender relations. This major text by a leading writer in the field seeks to develop a new framework for feminist social work that takes on board postmodernist arguments to do with difference and power yet retains a commitment to collective solidarity and social change. As such, it will be essential reading for students, educators and practitioners alike in social work.


education gender social work women

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