Human Vision and the Night Sky

Hot to Improve Your Observing Skills

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  • Michael P. Borgia

Part of the Patrick Moore’s Practical Astronomy Series book series (PATRICKMOORE)

About this book


This book is not for beginners.

Nor is it for experts – instead it addresses the needs of practical amateur astronomers who want to make the jump to the new challenges of serious visual observing.

Second Steps in Observational Astronomy begins by teaching you, as an amateur astronomer, to use the most important tool you have: your eyes. Visual observing is very definitely a skill that can be learned. Of course it is important to have your other optical equipment – telescope and accessories – set up and operating as perfectly as possible. This book describes how.

After these vital preliminaries, subsequent chapters include a series of observing challenges that will entertain you and push your observing skills to continually higher levels of excellence for years to come.

Take a tour of the solar-system as you never viewed it before, then beyond into the realm of deep space – using just your own eyes to reveal more detail than you ever thought possible.


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