Numerical Methods for Laplace Transform Inversion

  • Alan M. Cohen

Part of the Numerical Methods and Algorithms book series (NUAL, volume 5)

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About this book


Operational methods have been used for over a century to solve many problems—for example, ordinary and partial differential equations. In many problems it is fairly easy to obtain the Laplace transform, but it can be very demanding to determine the inverse Laplace transform that is the solution of the given problem. Sometimes, after some difficult contour integration, we find that a series solution results, but even this may be quite difficult to evaluate in order to get an answer at a particular time value.

The advent of computers has given an impetus to developing numerical methods for the determination of the inverse Laplace transform. This book gives background material on the theory of Laplace transforms together with a comprehensive list of methods that are available at the current time. Computer programs are included for those methods that perform consistently well on a wide range of Laplace transforms.



This book is intended for engineers, scientists, mathematicians, statisticians and financial planners.


Koordinatentransformation Laplace transform inversion Numerical methods differential equation integration numerical method partial differential equation

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