Advances in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

Insights, Progress, and Perspectives

  • Abraham Fisher
  • Maurizio Memo
  • Fabrizio Stocchi
  • Israel Hanin
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 57)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXX
  2. Yoshikuni Mizuno, Nobutaka Hattori
    Pages 9-16
  3. Simona Francisconi, Mara Codenotti, Erminia Poli, Daniela Uberti, Giulia Ferrari-Toninelli, Maurizio Memo
    Pages 17-21
  4. Giovanni Abbruzzese, Elisa Pelosin, Roberta Marchese
    Pages 23-30
  5. Zbigniew K. Wszolek, Alexander Zimprich, Saskia Biskup, Ryan J. Uitti, Donald B. Calne, A. Jon Stoessl et al.
    Pages 75-89
  6. Makoto Sawada, Kazuhiro Imamura, Toshiharu Nagatsu
    Pages 91-95
  7. Piet Eikelenboom, A. Crosswell, C. van Engen, M. Limper, J.J.M. Hoozemans, R. Veerhuis et al.
    Pages 113-121
  8. Akihiko Nunomura, Paula I. Moreira, Xiongwei Zhu, Adam D. Cash, Mark A. Smith, George Perry
    Pages 133-148
  9. John H. Growdon, Michael C. Irizarry, Clemens Scherzer
    Pages 169-174
  10. Jian Luo, Amy H. Lin, Tony Wyss-Coray
    Pages 175-182
  11. Susanne G. Mueller, Michael W. Weiner, Leon J. Thal, Ronald C. Petersen, Clifford Jack, William Jagust et al.
    Pages 183-189
  12. Xiongwei Zhu, George Perry, Mark A. Smith
    Pages 191-204
  13. Judes Poirier, Louise Lamarre-Théroux, Doris Dea, Nicole Aumont, Jean Francois Blain
    Pages 211-219
  14. Jakob A. Tschäpe, Marcus O.W. Grimm, Heike S. Grimm, Tobias Hartmann
    Pages 221-230
  15. Lucilla Parnetti, Umberto Cornelli
    Pages 231-245
  16. Bertalan Dudas, Amira Lemes, Umberto Cornelli, Israel Hanin
    Pages 247-254
  17. Kiminobu Sugaya, Young-Don Kwak, Angel Alvarez
    Pages 255-264
  18. Margaret Fahnestock, S. Peng, D.J. Garzon, Elliott J. Mufson
    Pages 279-283
  19. Elliott J. Mufson, Scott E. Counts, S. Peng, Margaret Fahnestock
    Pages 285-290
  20. Stéphane Bastianetto, Wen-Hua Zheng, Yingshan Han, Lixia Gan, Rémi Quirion
    Pages 291-296
  21. Lauren M. Billings, Frank M. LaFerla
    Pages 297-304
  22. Bruno Vincent, Moustapha Alfa Cisse, Frédéric Checler
    Pages 305-316
  23. Marcelo A. Chacón, Marcela Columbres, Nibaldo C. Inestrosa
    Pages 317-324
  24. J. Biernat, I. Khlistunova, Y-P. Wang, M. Pickhardt, M. von Bergen, Z. Gazova et al.
    Pages 325-336
  25. Jesús Avila, Tobias Engel, José J. Lucas, Mar Pérez, Alicia Rubio, Félix Hernández
    Pages 337-342
  26. Gal Ophir, Liza Mizrahi, Daniel M. Michaelson
    Pages 343-353
  27. Falk Fahrenholz, Claudia Prinzen, Rolf Postina, Elżbieta Kojro
    Pages 369-374
  28. Hirotake Uchikado, Yasuhiro Fujino, Wenlang Lin, Dennis Dickson
    Pages 375-379
  29. Erene W. Mina, Charles G. Glabe
    Pages 381-386
  30. Thomas Beach, Pamela Potter, Lucia Sue, Amanda Newell, Marissa Poston, Raquel Cisneros et al.
    Pages 411-427
  31. David H. Small, Steven Petratos, Sharon Unabia, Danuta Maksel
    Pages 429-437
  32. Stefano Govoni, Michela Mazzucchelli, S. Carolina Lenzken, Emanuela Porrello, Cristina Lanni, Marco Racchi
    Pages 439-444
  33. Nigel H. Greig, Tada Utsuki, Qian-sheng Yu, Harold W. Holloway, Tracyann Perry, David Tweedie et al.
    Pages 445-462
  34. Emanuele Sher, Giovanna De Filippi, Tristan Baldwinson, Ruud Zwart, Kathy H. Pearson, Martin Lee et al.
    Pages 463-472
  35. Back Matter
    Pages 473-489

About these proceedings


Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease (ADPD), held March 9-13, 2005 in Sorrento, Italy.

The subject matter of the ADPD conferences is unique in that it deals not only with issues related individually to Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, but also with the integration of these and other related diseases. The most up-to-date techniques and research findings are illustrated in this volume, covering topics such as immunology, neuroscience, pharmacology, genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and the history, epidemiology, clinical phenomenology, diagnosis, imaging, treatment ,and future perspectives of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases.


DNA Glutamat Neuroscience Parkinson Proteomics biochemistry enzymes gene expression genes molecular biology natural product neuroimaging pathophysiology physiology rehabilitation

Editors and affiliations

  • Abraham Fisher
    • 1
  • Maurizio Memo
    • 2
  • Fabrizio Stocchi
    • 3
  • Israel Hanin
    • 4
  1. 1.Israel Institute for Biological Research IIBRNess-ZionaIsrael
  2. 2.Universitá degli Studi di Brescia25124 BresciaItaly
  3. 3.Universitá La Sapienze Roma86077 PozilliItaly
  4. 4.Department of PharmacologyLoyola University Stritch School of MedicineMaywoodUSA

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