Handbook of Multimedia for Digital Entertainment and Arts

  • Borko Furht

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. George Lekakos, Matina Charami, Petros Caravelas
      Pages 3-26
    3. Naoki Kamimaeda, Tomohiro Tsunoda, Masaaki Hoshino
      Pages 27-57
    4. Pieter Bellekens, Lora Aroyo, Geert-Jan Houben
      Pages 59-90
    5. Jun Wang, Johan Pouwelse, Jenneke Fokker, Arjen P. de Vries, Marcel J.T. Reinders
      Pages 91-113
    6. Jeongyeon Lim, Munjo Kim, Bumshik Lee, Munchurl Kim, Heekyung Lee, Han-kyu Lee
      Pages 115-137
    7. Anush K. Moorthy, Kalpana Seshadrinathan, Alan C. Bovik
      Pages 139-156
    8. Dewan Tanvir Ahmed, Shervin Shirmohammadi
      Pages 175-195
    9. Wei-Qi Yan, Mohan S. Kankanhalli
      Pages 197-218
    10. Anastasis A. Sofokleous, Marios C. Angelides
      Pages 219-235
    11. Yeung Siu Fung, John C.S. Lui
      Pages 237-264
    12. Damon Daylamani Zad, Harry Agius
      Pages 265-288

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 290-290
    2. Jie Zhou, Linxing Xiao
      Pages 291-306
    3. Marco Furini, Manuela Montangero
      Pages 307-325
    4. Karlheinz Brandenburg, Christian Dittmar, Matthias Gruhne, Jakob Abeßer, Hanna Lukashevich, Peter Dunker et al.
      Pages 349-384
    5. Jong-Chul Yoon, In-Kwon Lee, Siwoo Byun
      Pages 385-401

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 404-404
    2. Sara Owsley Sood, Athanasios V. Vasilakos
      Pages 423-445
    3. Wolfgang Hürst
      Pages 447-469
    4. Oliver Bimber, Xubo Yang
      Pages 471-496
    5. Magy Seif El-Nasr, Leslie Bishko, Veronica Zammitto, Michael Nixon, Athanasios V. Vasiliakos, Huaxin Wei
      Pages 497-528
    6. Graham Sellers, Rastislav Lukac
      Pages 529-549
    7. Yohan Jin, Myunghoon Suk, B. Prabhakaran
      Pages 551-564

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 566-566
    2. Salah Uddin Ahmed, Cristoforo Camerano, Luigi Fortuna, Mattia Frasca, Letizia Jaccheri
      Pages 567-592
    3. Ian Gwilt
      Pages 593-599
    4. Adérito Fernandes Marcos, Pedro Sérgio Branco, Nelson Troca Zagalo
      Pages 601-615
    5. Ian Gwilt
      Pages 617-622
    6. Ralf Klamma, Yiwei Cao, Matthias Jarke
      Pages 623-650

  7. Back Matter
    Pages 765-769

About this book


The advances in computer entertainment, multi-player and online games, technology-enabled art, culture and performance have created a new form of entertainment and art. The success of this new field has influenced the development of the digital entertainment industry and related products/services, which has impacted every aspect of our lives.

Handbook of Multimedia for Digital Entertainment and Arts is an edited volume contributed by worldwide experts in the field of the new digital and interactive media, and their applications in entertainment and arts. This handbook covers leading edge media technologies, and the latest research applied to digital entertainment and arts. The main focus of Handbook of Multimedia for Digital Entertainment and Arts targets interactive and online games, edutainment, e-performance, personal broadcasting, innovative technologies for digital arts, digital visual and auditory media, augmented reality, moving media, and other advanced topics. The final chapters of this book present future trends and developments within this explosive field.

Handbook of Multimedia for Digital Entertainment and Arts serves as a primary reference for advanced-level students, researchers and professors studying computer science and electrical engineering. With the dramatic growth of interactive digital entertainment and art applications, this handbook is also suitable as a reference for practitioners, programmers, and engineers working in this field.



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  • Borko Furht
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  1. 1.Dept. Computer Science &Florida Atlantic UniversityBoca RatonU.S.A.

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