Representation Theory of Algebraic Groups and Quantum Groups

  • Akihiko Gyoja
  • Hiraku Nakajima
  • Ken-ichi Shinoda
  • Toshiaki Shoji
  • Toshiyuki Tanisaki

Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 284)

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This volume contains invited articles by top-notch experts who focus on such topics as: modular representations of algebraic groups, representations of quantum groups and crystal bases, representations of affine Lie algebras, representations of affine Hecke algebras, modular or ordinary representations of finite reductive groups, and representations of complex reflection groups and associated Hecke algebras.

Representation Theory of Algebraic Groups and Quantum Groups is intended for graduate students and researchers in representation theory, group theory, algebraic geometry, quantum theory and math physics.


H. H. Andersen, S. Ariki, C. Bonnafé, J. Chuang, J. Du, M. Finkelberg, Q. Fu, M. Geck, V. Ginzburg, A. Hida, L. Iancu, N. Jacon, T. Lam, G.I. Lehrer, G. Lusztig, H. Miyachi, S. Naito, H. Nakajima, T. Nakashima, D. Sagaki, Y. Saito, M. Shiota, J. Xiao, F. Xu, R. B. Zhang


Grad Group theory algebraic curve algebraic geometry algebraic group cohomology homology representation theory

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