CNC Part Programming Workbook

  • Bernard Hodges

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About this book


`A good text in a logical order, plus useful projects. Covers main points without lengthy reading.' - College Lecturer One of the five workbooks which, together with the core text 'Computer-Aided Engineering', make up our publishing package for the City and Guilds Computer-aided Engineering 230 scheme and equivalent BTEC courses. The workbooks can be used independently of each other and of the core text. CNC (computerised numerical control) systems are essential elements in many industrial processes. The CNC Part Programming Workbook contains 15 learning assignments, each with a number of carefully chosen and structured tasks which will develop the skills needed to work from engineering drawings of components which are to be machined and to produce part programs which incorporate the various commands and functions of a CNC system. There are also three realistic work-based projects which bring together various aspects covered in the workbook. All necessary topics are included from program planning and writing to editing and proving. Supported by many illustrations, the assignments in the workbook will give students and trainees the necessary range of practical experiences to acquire competence in the CAE discipline.


computer-aided engineering (CAE) computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) machining programming

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