Eco-and Ground Bio-Engineering: The Use of Vegetation to Improve Slope Stability

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Eco-Engineering 13–17 September 2004

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Conference proceedings

Part of the Developments in Plant and Soil Sciences book series (DPSS, volume 103)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-IX
  2. Mechanisms and modelling of root reinforcement on slopes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-IX
    2. Marie Genet, Alexia Stokes, Franck Salin, Slobodan B. Mickovski, Thierry Fourcaud, Jean-François Dumail et al.
      Pages 3-11
    3. O. Hamza, A.G. Bengough, M.F. Bransby, M.C.R. Davies, C. Halpin, P.D. Hallett
      Pages 13-20
    4. Gian Battista Bischetti, Enrico A. Chiaradia, Tommaso Simonato, Barbara Speziali, Barbara Vitali, Paolo Vullo et al.
      Pages 31-41
    5. Chiara Mattia, Gian Battista Bischetti, Francesco Gentile
      Pages 43-51
    6. S.B. Mickovski, L.P.H van Beek, F. Salin
      Pages 53-60
    7. Ghassem Habibi Bibalani1, Baris Majnonian, Ebrahim Adeli, Homauon Sanii
      Pages 73-79
    8. L.P.H. van Beek, J. Wint, L.H. Cammeraat, J.P. Edwards
      Pages 91-109
  3. Root system morphology and anchorage

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-IX
    2. P. Ganatsas, I. Spanos
      Pages 127-134
    3. Alexia Stokes, Franck Salin, Adzo Dzifa Kokutse, Stéphane Berthier, Henri Jeannin, Shaun Mochan et al.
      Pages 155-164
    4. Alexia Stokes, Murad Abd. Ghani, Franck Salin, Frédéric Danjon, Henri Jeannin, Stéphane Berthier et al.
      Pages 165-173
  4. Methodology applied to eco- and ground bio-engineering

  5. Applications at the slope level

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-IX
    2. Erik Cammeraat, Rens van Beek, Annemieke Kooijman
      Pages 273-285
    3. G. Goudelis, P.P. Ganatsas, I. Spanos, A. Karpi
      Pages 337-343
    4. Ioannis Spanos, Yannis Raftoyannis, Gerasimos Goudelis, Eleni Xanthopoulou, Theano Samara, Alexandros Tsiontsis
      Pages 345-352
    5. Slobodan B. Mickovski, L. P. H. van Beek
      Pages 361-367
  6. Eco- and ground bio-engineering case studies by practitioners

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-IX
    2. Z. Koukoura, A. Kyriazopoulos, I. Karmiris
      Pages 387-391
    3. M. Katritzidakis, A. Liapis, I. Stathakopoulos, E. Pipinis, G. Kekis, E. Ververidou et al.
      Pages 393-400
    4. M. Katritzidakis, E. Pipinis, A. Liapis, I. Stathakopoulos, G. Kekis, E. Ververidou et al.
      Pages 401-409
    5. G. Brofas, G. Mantakas, K. Tsagari, Ch. Mermiris
      Pages 419-425

About these proceedings


In an era where climate change, natural catastrophes and land degradation are major issues, the conservation of soil and vegetation in mountainous or sloping regions has become an international priority. How to avoid substrate mass movement through landslides and erosion using sustainable and ecologically sound techniques is rapidly becoming a scientific domain where knowledge from many different fields is required. These proceedings bring together papers from geotechnical and civil engineers, biologists, ecologists and foresters, who discuss current problems in slope stability research, and how to address those problems using ground bio- and eco-engineering techniques.

Ground bioengineering methods integrate civil engineering techniques with natural materials to obtain fast, effective and economic methods of protecting, restoring and maintaining the environment whereas eco-engineering has been defined as a long-term ecological strategy to manage a site with regard to natural or man-made hazards. Studies on slope instability, erosion, soil hydrology, mountain ecology, land use and restoration and how to mitigate these problems using vegetation are presented by both scientists and practitioners. Papers encompass many aspects of this multidisciplinary subject, including the mechanisms and modelling of root reinforcement and the development of decision support systems, areas where significant advances have been made in recent years.


Biome Geotechnical investigation Sediment development ecology environment erosion forest hydrology logging soil vegetation

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