Modeling, Simulation and Control of Nonlinear Engineering Dynamical Systems

State-of-the-Art, Perspectives and Applications

  • Jan Awrejcewicz
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Igor V. Andrianov, Jan Awrejcewicz, Dieter Weichert
    Pages 1-11
  3. Franziska Schmidt, Claude-Henri Lamarque
    Pages 13-23
  4. Andrzej Urbaś, Stanislaw Wojciech
    Pages 49-59
  5. Klaus Zimmermann, Igor Zeidis, Mikhail Pivovarov
    Pages 61-70
  6. Christian Rudolf, Jörg Wauer
    Pages 71-79
  7. Tadeusz S. Burczyński, Witold Beluch, Piotr Orantek
    Pages 95-105
  8. Vinicius Piccirillo, José Manoel Balthazar, Bento R. Pontes Jr., Jorge L. P. Felix
    Pages 107-116
  9. Yuri Mikhlin, Gayane Rudnyeva, Tatiana Bunakova, Nikolai Perepelkin
    Pages 129-140
  10. Wojciech Blajer, Jerzy Graffstein, Mariusz Krawczyk
    Pages 153-162
  11. Carsten Behn, Joachim Steigenberger
    Pages 163-178
  12. Jan Awrejcewicz, Lidiya Kurpa, Olga Mazur
    Pages 179-189
  13. László L. Kovács, Péter Galambos, András Juhász, Gábor Stépán
    Pages 191-199
  14. Georgy Kostin, Vasily Saurin
    Pages 201-210
  15. Elżbieta Jarzébowska, Pawel Cesar Sanjuan Szklarz
    Pages 221-231
  16. Hajžman Michal, Šašek Jakub, Vladimír Zeman
    Pages 277-288
  17. Fabiola Angulo, E. Burgos Jorge, Gerard Olivar
    Pages 313-325

About these proceedings


This volume contains the invited papers presented at the 9th International Conference "Dynamical Systems — Theory and Applications" held in Lódz, Poland, December 17-20, 2007, dealing with nonlinear dynamical systems. The conference brought together a large group of outstanding scientists and engineers, who deal with various problems of dynamics encountered both in engineering and in daily life.

Topics covered include, among others, bifurcations and chaos in mechanical systems; control in dynamical systems; asymptotic methods in nonlinear dynamics; stability of dynamical systems; lumped and continuous systems vibrations; original numerical methods of vibration analysis; and man-machine interactions.

Thus, the reader is given an overview of the most recent developments of dynamical systems and can follow the newest trends in this field of science. This book will be of interest to to pure and applied scientists working in the field of nonlinear dynamics.


Norm Transport computer science fuzzy kinematics management mathematics modeling physics science simulation stability vibration

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  • Jan Awrejcewicz
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  1. 1.Department of Automatics and BiomechanicsTechnical University LodzLodzPoland

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