Biology of Skates

  • David A. Ebert
  • James A. Sulikowski

Part of the Developments in Environmental Biology of Fishes 27 book series (DEBF, volume 27)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VI
  2. David A. Ebert, James A. Sulikowski
    Pages 1-4
  3. David A. Ebert, Leonard J. V. Compagno
    Pages 5-18
  4. Leonard J. V. Compagno, David A. Ebert
    Pages 19-39
  5. Heather J. Robinson, Gregor M. Cailliet, David A. Ebert
    Pages 59-73
  6. Michelle A. Treloar, Laurie J. B. Laurenson, John D. Stevens
    Pages 75-90
  7. Joseph J. Bizzarro, Heather J. Robinson, Christopher S. Rinewalt, David A. Ebert
    Pages 91-114
  8. James A. Sulikowski, William B. Driggers III, G. Walter Ingram Jr., Jeff Kneebone, Darren E. Ferguson, Paul C. W. Tsang
    Pages 179-186
  9. Lisa J. Natanson, James A. Sulikowski, Jeff R. Kneebone, Paul C. Tsang
    Pages 187-202
  10. Chanté D. Davis, Gregor M. Cailliet, David A. Ebert
    Pages 219-230
  11. Christopher M. Gburski, Sarah K. Gaichas, Daniel K. Kimura
    Pages 231-243

About this book


Skates have become a concern in recent years due to the preponderance of these elasmobranchs that are caught as bycatch or as a directed fishery. This has raised concern because skates have life history characteristics that may make them vulnerable to over-exploitation. It was due to this concern that prompted Drs. David Ebert and James Sulikowski to organize an international symposium on the "Biology of Skates". The aims and goals of the symposium were to bring together an international group of researchers to meet, discuss, perhaps develop collaborations, and present their most recent findings. The symposium was held over two days, on 13-14 July, 2006, in conjunction with the 22nd annual meeting of the American Elasmobranch Society in New Orleans, LA. A total of 31 authors from four countries contributed 16 papers that appear in this volume. The papers are broadly arranged into four separate categories: systematics and biogeography, diet and feeding ecology, reproductive biology, and age and growth. This is the first dedicated book on the biology of skates. We hope that readers will find this volume of interest and that it helps encourage and stimulate future research into these fascinating fishes.


Chondrichthyes Rajiformes Skates biodiversity biology development ecology ecosystem

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  • James A. Sulikowski
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  2. 2.Marine Science CenterUniversity of New EnglandBiddefordUSA

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