The Definitive Guide to SOA: BEA AquaLogic® Service Bus

  • Authors
  • Jeff Davies
  • Ashish Krishna
  • David Schorow

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Pages 21-50
  3. Pages 51-65
  4. Pages 95-116
  5. Pages 173-194
  6. Pages 233-251
  7. Pages 281-333
  8. Pages 335-353
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 355-382

About this book


The Definitive Guide to SOA: BEA AquaLogic Service Bus targets professional software developers and architects who know enterprise development, but are new to enterprise service buses (ESBs) and service–oriented architecture (SOA) development. This is the first book to cover a practical approach to SOA using the BEA AquaLogic Service Bus tool. And it's straight from the “source”—BEA Systems AquaLogic product lead Jeff Davies.

This book provides hands–on information to developing SOA–driven applications with ESBs as central components. It also gives strategic guidance on SOA planning, web service life–cycle management, administration of an ESB, and security considerations. Davies is careful to cut through theory and get straight to demonstrating successful use of the product where SOA really counts.


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