The Essential Guide to Processing for Flash Developers

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  • Ira J. Greenberg

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Ira J. Greenberg
    Pages 27-71
  3. Ira J. Greenberg
    Pages 73-131
  4. Ira J. Greenberg
    Pages 133-180
  5. Ira J. Greenberg
    Pages 181-252
  6. Ira J. Greenberg
    Pages 253-330
  7. Ira J. Greenberg
    Pages 331-409
  8. Ira J. Greenberg
    Pages 411-477
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 479-488

About this book


Processing is a open source project that bridges the gap between programming and art. Its simplicity and power appeal to non-coders and old-hands alike. As a Flash developer, you already have a firm grasp of basic programming principles and an understanding of creating and controlling visuals through code. This book uses your existing knowledge as a springboard to learning Processing and harnessing the extra creative power and control that it offers, both on and off the web.

The Essential Guide to Processing for Flash Developers takes a hands-on approach to learning Processing that builds upon your familiarity with Flash, and your experience with the ActionScript language and object-oriented programming concepts. The book offers a full series of Processing projects, structured to allow less experienced coders to get up to speed quickly, while leaving room for more experienced programmers to take the initial project concepts and build more complex applications.

  • Includes a language primer explaining all of the Processing-specific programming theory you need to know
  • Contains a full series of Processing projects and numerous easy-to-follow code examples
  • Covers Processing's Java mode, providing an easy-to-navigate bridge to programming in Java, Processing's underlying host language


ActionScript Animation Audio Flash Java Video interaction

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