New Masters of Flash

  • Authors
  • Tomasz Jankowski
  • Todd Purgason
  • Ivo Van De Grift
  • Luke Turner
  • Andries Odendaal
  • Eric Jordan
  • Manuel Clement
  • Brendan Dawes
  • Tony Ke
  • Irene Chan
  • Yugo Nakamura
  • Jayson Singe
  • Olivier Besson
  • James Paterson
  • Vince Suriani
  • Joel Baumann
  • Yasuto Suga
  • Joshua Davis

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-11
  2. Tomasz Jankowski
    Pages 12-39
  3. Todd Purgason
    Pages 40-65
  4. Ivo van de Grift
    Pages 66-93
  5. Luke Turner
    Pages 94-117
  6. Andries Odendaal
    Pages 118-153
  7. Eric Jordan
    Pages 154-175
  8. Manuel Clement
    Pages 176-203
  9. Brendan Dawes
    Pages 204-229
  10. Tony Ke
    Pages 230-257
  11. Irene Chan
    Pages 258-285
  12. Yugo Nakamura
    Pages 286-313
  13. Jayson Singe
    Pages 314-341
    Pages 342-361
  15. Olivier Besson
    Pages 362-387
  16. James Paterson
    Pages 388-413
  17. Vince Suriani
    Pages 414-445
  18. Joel Baumann
    Pages 446-489
  19. Yasuto Suga
    Pages 490-509
  20. Back Matter
    Pages 510-542

About this book


New Masters of Flash is both a global showcase and practical tutorial. Nineteen of the planet's most awe-inspiring Flash designers share their influences, ideas and objectives in individual introductory essays. They then take the reader through a step-by-step tutorial explaining in detail how to create in Flash 5 the interfaces, applications and effects that they have made famous. The author-designers are some of the most legendary Flash innovators currently working—from the U.S. to Japan, Europe to South Africa: Yugo Nakamura, Joshua Davis, Manuel Clement, Irene Chan and Tomato Interactive's Joel Baumann, together with 14 other leading Flash practitioners. These are the designers who are expanding the horizons of interactive interface design with Flash. Join them!

With the book is a CD-ROM containing animated movie versions of the tutorials from the book, together with the finished interactive effects. If you're in a real hurry, you can download the source-code FLAs for many of the tutorials, in both Flash 5 and Flash 4 versions, from the CD-ROM New Masters folder. Also on the CD-ROM are video QuickTime interviews with the designers from the book.


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