Practical Intranet Development

  • Authors
  • John Colby
  • Gareth Downes-Powell
  • Jeffrey Haas
  • Darren James Harkness
  • Frank Pappas
  • Mike Parsons
  • Francis Storr
  • Inigo Surguy
  • Ruud Voigt

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages N2-xii
  2. John Colby, Gareth Downes-Powell, Jeffrey Haas, Darren James Harkness, Frank Pappas, Mike Parsons et al.
    Pages 1-3
  3. Ruud Voigt
    Pages 4-15
  4. Mike Parsons
    Pages 16-31
  5. Darren James Harkness
    Pages 32-52
  6. Francis Storr
    Pages 53-68
  7. Jeffrey Haas
    Pages 70-103
  8. Inigo Surguy
    Pages 138-160
  9. Gareth Downes-Powell
    Pages 162-181
  10. John Colby
    Pages 182-201
  11. Jeffrey Haas
    Pages 202-222
  12. Frank Pappas
    Pages 224-242
  13. John Colby
    Pages 244-283
  14. Inigo Surguy
    Pages 284-307
  15. Frank Pappas
    Pages 308-320
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 323-349

About this book


An intranet can be a powerful tool. A well-designed intranet becomes the key resource and communications platform for your organization, used by members of staff as their first destination for information. In contrast, a poorly designed intranet will sit unused, accumulating useless information, and eating up IT budgets. So, how do you avoid this situation, and make sure you design the most useful, and usable, intranet? This book takes you through the steps you need to take to make an invaluable intranet, from identifying your users' needs and building an indispensable tool, to marketing the results. It guides you through the problems that may occur, passing on invaluable advice from people who have been through the process before. We start by setting the scene, giving an overview of what intranets are and how to justify it to your organization. We then give you a rundown of the main areas you'll need to think about when developing an intranet, covering browsers, development techniques, usability, content management, security, and internal marketing. Finally, we'll take a look at what to do when the Intranet moves beyond its original function, looking at remote access, extranets, and what to do when the Intranet gets too big.


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