The Web Professional’s Handbook

  • Authors
  • Michael Bordash
  • Peter Fletcher
  • Alan Foley
  • Robert Goodyear
  • Alex Homer
  • Peter-Paul Koch
  • Bill Mason
  • Bob Regan
  • Adrian Roselli
  • Cliff Wootton

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages N2-VI
  2. Michael Bordash, Peter Fletcher, Alan Foley, Robert Goodyear, Alex Homer, Peter-Paul Koch et al.
    Pages 1-3
  3. Michael Bordash
    Pages 4-57
  4. Bill Mason
    Pages 58-99
  5. Cliff Wootton
    Pages 100-179
  6. Cliff Wootton
    Pages 180-199
  7. XML
    Alex Homer
    Pages 200-257
  8. Peter-Paul Koch
    Pages 258-297
  9. Adrian Roselli
    Pages 298-315
  10. Robert Goodyear
    Pages 316-325
  11. Cliff Wootton
    Pages 326-351
  12. Adrian Roselli
    Pages 352-371
  13. Alan Foley, Bob Regan
    Pages 372-393
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 394-435

About this book


Are you a web developer or designer who wishes you could have all the reference information you will need for your job in one handy-sized book, rather than having to carry around several large tomes, or browse countless web sites? Well, look no further as The Web Professional's Handbook does just that: providing a one-size-fits-all reference on ubiquitous client-side technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, as well as design principles such as Accessibility, graphics optimization, and page layout. It isn't a competely exhaustive reference of all the topics contained within, because obviously that would be impossible in a book of this size. However, it does answer most of the common questions a web professional is likely to come up against in their day-to-day work, in a lively, concise style. Choose the Web Professional's Handbook to take all the boredom out of reference!


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