Transportation and Traffic Theory 2009: Golden Jubilee

Papers selected for presentation at ISTTT18, a peer reviewed series since 1959

  • William H. K. Lam
  • S. C. Wong
  • Hong K. Lo

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Jan-Dirk Schmöcker, Michael G.H. Bell, Fumitaka Kurauchi, Hiroshi Shimamoto
    Pages 1-18
  3. Agachai Sumalee, Richard D. Connors, Paramet Luathep
    Pages 19-38
  4. Michael J. Cassidy, Carlos F. Daganzo, Kitae Jang, Koohong Chung
    Pages 57-74
  5. Victor L. Knoop, Henk J. van Zuylen, Serge P. Hoogendoorn
    Pages 75-97
  6. Hwasoo Yeo, Alexander Skabardonis
    Pages 99-115
  7. Barbara W.Y. Siu, Hong K. Lo
    Pages 147-167
  8. Xuegang (Jeff)Ban, Shu Lu, Michael Ferris, Henry X. Liu
    Pages 197-218
  9. Nikolas Geroliminis, David M. Levinson
    Pages 219-240
  10. Tian-Liang Liu, Hai-Jun Huang, Hai Yang, Xiaolei Guo
    Pages 263-281
  11. Lihui Zhang, Siriphong Lawphongpanich, Yafeng Yin
    Pages 283-300
  12. Nathan H. Gartner, Rahul Deshpande
    Pages 345-364
  13. Ozlem Yanmaz-Tuzel, Kaan Ozbay
    Pages 387-401
  14. H.L. Huang, H.C. Chin, M.M. Haque
    Pages 441-462
  15. Takamasa Iryo, Yasuo Asakuraand, Ryota Onishi, Chiharu Samma
    Pages 517-539
  16. Miho Asano, Takamasa Iryo, Masao Kuwahara
    Pages 559-581
  17. Justin Geistefeldt, Werner Brilon
    Pages 583-602
  18. Fumitaka Kurauchi, Nobuhiro Uno, Agachai Sumalee, Yumiko Seto
    Pages 637-649
  19. Hao Li, Michiel C.J. Bliemer, Piet H.L. Bovy
    Pages 651-673
  20. Xuegang(Jeff) Ban, Ryan Herring, J.D. Margulici, Alexandre M. Bayen
    Pages 697-721
  21. Toshiyuki Yamamoto, Tomio Miwa, Tomonori Takeshita, Takayuki Morikawa
    Pages 723-738
  22. Back Matter
    Pages 1-2

About this book


Transportation and Traffic Theory 2009
Golden Jubilee

Papers selected for presentation at ISTTT18, a peer reviewed series since 1959

edited by William H.K. Lam, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
S.C. Wong, The University of Hong Kong and
Hong K. Lo, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The series of International Symposia on Transportation and Traffic Theory (ISTTT) is the main gathering for the world’s transportation and traffic theorists, and those who are interested in contributing to or gaining a deeper understanding of traffic and transportation phenomena in order to better plan, design and manage the transportation system. Although it embraces a wide range of topics, from traffic flow theories and demand modeling to road safety and logistics and supply chain modeling, the ISTTT is hallmarked by its intellectual innovation, research and development excellence in the treatment of real-world transportation and traffic problems. The ISTTT prides itself in the extremely high quality of its proceedings. Previous ISTTT conferences were held in Warren, Michigan (1959), London (1963), New York (1965), Karlsruhe (1968), Berkeley, California (1971), Sydney (1974), Kyoto (1977), Toronto (1981), Delft (1984), Cambridge, Massachusetts (1987), Yokohama (1990), Berkeley, California (1993), Lyon (1996), Jerusalem (1999), Adelaide (2002), College Park, Maryland (2005), and London (2007). It is timely to organize the 18th ISTTT in Hong Kong, as the thrust of transportation infrastructure development has emerged strongly in Asia. The 18th ISTTT celebrates the 50th Anniversary of this premier conference series.

This volume contains 35 chapters selected for presentation at the 18th ISTTT from 230 extended abstracts and subsequently 108 invited full paper submissions, following a rigorous two-tier peer review process. They address a wide range of topics covering both scientific and operational aspects of transportation and traffic, spanning all modes of transport, including freight as well as private and public transport.



Signal algorithm algorithms calculus logistics maintenance model modeling optimization quality reliability safety scheduling traffic uncertainty

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  • William H. K. Lam
  • S. C. Wong
  • Hong K. Lo

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