Pharmaceutical Suspensions

From Formulation Development to Manufacturing

  • Alok K. Kulshreshtha
  • Onkar N.  Singh
  • G. Michael Wall

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Chandrasekar Manoharan, Ashwin Basarkar, Jagdish Singh
    Pages 1-37
  3. Mohammad T. H. Nutan, Indra K. Reddy
    Pages 39-65
  4. R. Christian Moreton
    Pages 67-102
  5. Yusuf Ali, Akio Kimura, Martin J. Coffey, Praveen Tyle
    Pages 103-126
  6. Sudhakar Garad, Jianling Wang, Yatindra Joshi, Riccardo Panicucci
    Pages 127-176
  7. G. Michael Wall, Terry K. Wiernas
    Pages 231-243
  8. Yashwant Pathak, Deepak Thassu
    Pages 245-264
  9. Abhay Gupta, Vilayat A. Sayeed, Mansoor A. Khan
    Pages 265-283
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 319-327

About this book


Suspension dosage form is a preferred and widely accepted dosage forms for insoluble or poorly soluble drugs for various therapeutic applications. The suspension dosage form has long been used for insoluble and poorly soluble drugs for making oral, topical and parenteral products. Pharmaceutical Suspensions, From Formulation Development to Manufacturing provides the reader with a broad overview of suspension drug product technology. Individual chapters in this book focus on suspension formulation principles, excipients, analysis, pharmaceutical development, preclinical, clinical and regulatory aspects, as well as the emerging technology of nanosuspensions as nanomedicine. Various chapters in the book are written by authors from academia, regulatory agencies and industries who are experts in their respective fields. The book includes over 600 bibliographic citations, numerous tables and illustrations.

Pharmaceutical Suspensions is the only volume to date that systematically follows the suspension dosage development approach used widely in the pharmaceutical industries starting with pre-formulation/formulation development, pre-clinical evaluation and critical characterization method development, continuing to clinical trial essentials and ending with technology transfer essentials and regulatory filing guidance.

Pharmaceutical Suspensions, From Formulation Development to Manufacturing  provides a useful resource for pharmaceutical scientists, process scientists/engineers involved in the areas of research and development of pharmaceutical suspension dosage forms as well as for advanced pharmacy undergraduate and graduate students who want in-depth knowledge of suspension dosage form.

"Solid useful text on suspension formulation development"


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