Computational Methods in Elasticity and Plasticity

Solids and Porous Media

  • A. Anandarajah

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About this book


Computational Methods in Elasticity and Plasticity: Solids and Porous Media presents the latest developments in the area of elastic and elasto-plastic finite element modeling of solids, porous media and pressure-dependent materials and structures. The book covers the following topics in depth: the mathematical foundations of solid mechanics, the finite element method for solids and porous media, the theory of plasticity and the finite element implementation of elasto-plastic constitutive models. The book also includes:

-A detailed coverage of elasticity for isotropic and anisotropic solids.

-A detailed treatment of nonlinear iterative methods that could be used for nonlinear elastic and elasto-plastic analyses.

-A detailed treatment of a kinematic hardening von Mises model that could be used to simulate cyclic behavior of solids.

-Discussion of recent advances in the analysis of porous media and pressure-dependent materials in more detail than other books currently available.


Computational Methods in Elasticity and Plasticity: Solids and Porous Media  also contains problem sets, worked examples and  a solutions manual for instructors.


Computational solid mechanics Druck Drucker-Prager model Elasto-plastic modeling Elasto-plastics Modified Cam-Clay model Nonlinear analysis Textbook Von Mises model calculus computational method mechanics plasticity porous media solids

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