Pathogenesis of Wound and Biomaterial-Associated Infections

  • Torkel Wadström
  • Ingvar Eliasson
  • Ian Holder
  • Åsa Ljungh

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-11
  2. Torkel Wadström, Ingvar Eliasson, Ian Holder, Åsa Ljungh
    Pages 13-14
  3. H. Paul Ehrlich
    Pages 15-23
  4. Matti Laato, Juha Niinikoski, Bengt Gerdin
    Pages 25-34
  5. Timothy J. Foster, Mary O’Reilly, A. John Bramley
    Pages 35-46
  6. Michael A. Kehoe, Lorna Miller, Thomas P. Poirier, Ellen Whitnack, Edwin H. Beachey, John H. Robinson et al.
    Pages 47-54
  7. Martin Lindberg, Klas Jönsson, Hans-Peter Müller, Christer Signäs, Magnus Höök
    Pages 55-63
  8. Maria Bodén, Jan-Ingmar Flock
    Pages 65-68
  9. Cecilia Rydén
    Pages 69-75
  10. James M. Vann, Richard A. Proctor
    Pages 77-85
  11. Fiona M. Thomson-Carter, T. Hugh Pennington
    Pages 87-89
  12. Ian Alan Holder
    Pages 91-100
  13. Rolf Seljelid
    Pages 107-113
  14. Oonagh S. Kinsman, John P. Arbuthnott
    Pages 115-119
  15. Merlin S. Bergdoll
    Pages 121-128
  16. Patricia M. Mertz, Stephen C. Davis, David A. Marshall, William H. Eaglstein
    Pages 139-145
  17. Michel H. E. Hermans, Jerry J. Hutchinson
    Pages 147-157
  18. Åsa Ljungh, Tony Kronevi, Torkel Wadström
    Pages 163-168
  19. Wiete Westerhof, Jan R. Mekkes
    Pages 179-188
  20. Nils Engström, Fredrik Hansson, Lars Hellgren, Tomas Johansson, Bo Nordin, Jan Vincent et al.
    Pages 189-192
  21. Anthony G. Gristina, Paul T. Naylor, Quentin N. Myrvik
    Pages 193-216
  22. Richard P. Ellen, Peter Apse
    Pages 217-220
  23. Hans Elwing, Agneta Askendal, Ingemar Lundstöm
    Pages 221-232
  24. Ferenc Rozgonyi, Åsa Ljungh, Wubshet Mamo, Stellan Hjertén, Torkel Wadström
    Pages 233-244
  25. Dwight W. Lambe Jr., Kaethe P. Ferguson, Curtis G. Gemmell, Jerry L. Keplinger
    Pages 255-263
  26. Åke Johansson, Olle Svensson, Carl Erik Nord
    Pages 265-272
  27. Zbigniew Zdanowski, Else Ribbe, Claes Schalén, Stig Bengmark
    Pages 273-278
  28. Friedrich Götz, Karl-Dieter Entian, Günter Jung, Hans Zähner
    Pages 285-292
  29. Robert L. R. Hill, Anthony Fisher, Robert J. Ware, Sandra Wilson, Mark W. Casewell
    Pages 293-298
  30. Gerhard Pulverer
    Pages 299-308
  31. Georg Peters, Françoise Schumacher-Perdreau, Bernd Jansen
    Pages 309-315
  32. Jerome Etienne, Françoise Forey, Jean Fleurette
    Pages 317-323
  33. Torkel Wadström, Janos Erdei, Marianne Paulsson, Åsa Ljungh
    Pages 339-347
  34. Marino Delmi, Pierre Vaudaux, Pierre Descouts, P. Daniel Lew, Harold Vasey
    Pages 349-352
  35. A. Satyanarayan Naidu, Claes Schalén, Jan-Ingmar Flock, Ingrid Nilsson, Jacek Miedzobrodzki, Torkel Wadström
    Pages 353-360
  36. Steve H. Dougherty
    Pages 375-390
  37. Morris D. Cooper, Christine Jeffery-Wiseman, Carol A. Bortner, Lawrence J. Wheat, Torkel Wadström
    Pages 397-407
  38. Larry M. Baddour, W. Andrew Simpson, Jon H. Lowrance, Gordon D. Christensen
    Pages 409-417

About this book


Despite the recent advances in medical treatment, patients suffering from wounds such as burns or receiving surgical implants are still in great danger of infection. This has called attention to the need for better understanding of infections at the molecular level. Scientists from various disciplines summarize our knowledge today and investigate how methods to avoid wound and biomaterial-associated infections can be developed. These methods include new antibiotics, surgical strategies to prevent infection, and ways to stimulate the immune system and the tissue healing process. Specific topics include: the definition of microbial cell surface determinants important for adhesion to graft; the definition of extracellular bacterial enzymes and toxins involved in tissue breakdown and the local spread of infection; the prevention of the systemic spreading of infection with immunoglobulins and antibiotics; and the problem of multiple antibiotic resistance in most versatile pathogens.


antibiotic antibiotics bacteria biomaterial bone cell diagnosis image analysis infection infections medicine microbiology pathogenesis surface tissue

Editors and affiliations

  • Torkel Wadström
    • 1
  • Ingvar Eliasson
    • 2
  • Ian Holder
    • 3
  • Åsa Ljungh
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Medical MicrobiologyUniversity of LundLundSweden
  2. 2.Department Medical MicrobiologyLundSweden
  3. 3.Burns InstituteShriners HospitalCincinnatiUSA

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