Insect Neurochemistry and Neurophysiology · 1986

  • Alexej B. Bořkovec
  • Dale B. Gelman

Part of the Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience book series (ECN)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Reviews

  3. Summaries of Recent Research

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 173-173
    2. Neurochemistry

      1. L. L. Keeley
        Pages 175-178
      2. M. A. O’Brien, T. R. Flanagan, N. Agui, H. Duve, A. Thorpe, G. Haughton et al.
        Pages 179-182
      3. Colin H. Wheeler, Graham J. Goldsworthy
        Pages 187-190
      4. Peter Verhaert, Roger Huybrechts, Dominique Schols, Jozef Van den Broeck, Arnold De Loof, Frans Vandesande
        Pages 229-233
      5. Gary L. Brookhart, Leland C. Sudlow, Robert S. Edgecomb, Larry L. Murdock
        Pages 235-238
      6. Martine Arpagaus, Jean-Pierre Toutant
        Pages 243-246
      7. D. K. Hayes, H. Jaffe, N. O. Morgan, R. E. Redfern
        Pages 247-250
      8. John G. Hildebrand, Uwe Homberg, Timothy G. Kingan, Thomas A. Christensen, Brian R. Waldrop
        Pages 255-258
      9. Ian Orchard, Angela B. Lange
        Pages 259-262
      10. Wendell L. Combest, Mark J. Birnbaum, Timothy J. Bloom, Stephen T. Bishoff, Lawrence I. Gilbert
        Pages 267-270
      11. Mark J. Birnbaum, Wendell L. Combest, Timothy J. Bloom, Lawrence I. Gilbert
        Pages 271-274
    3. Neurophysiology

      1. Michael E. Adams
        Pages 277-280
      2. D. Muraleedharan, Abraham Varghese, George Abraham, Reema A. Mathews
        Pages 307-314
      3. Wendy A. Smith, Dorothy B. Rountree, Walter E. Bollenbacher, Lawrence I. Gilbert
        Pages 319-322
      4. Chih-Ming Yin, Shu-Xia Yi, John H. Nordin
        Pages 323-326
      5. Thomas J. Kelly, Edward P. Masler, Belgaum S. Thyagaraja, Robert A. Bell, Alexej B. Borkovec
        Pages 327-330
      6. Edward P. Masler, Thomas J. Kelly, Belgaum S. Thyagaraja, Charles W. Woods, Robert A. Bell, Alexej B. Borkovec
        Pages 331-334

About this book


The nature and diversity of presentations at the second International Conference on Insect Neurochemistry and Neurophysiology (ICINN--86) held at the University of Maryland on August 4-6. 1986, attest to the vital­ ity and broad scope of research in insect neuroscience. The present vol­ ume is a written account of the invited lectures, contributed papers, and posters presented at the conference, and as such, serves as a fair indica­ tor of the trends in current research in this field here and abroad. The principal portion of this book consists of seven review papers that were presented by invited speakers. Although the topics vary wide­ ly, they reflect on and emphasize the main theme of the conference, i. e. , the nature and function of molecular messengers that communicate be­ meen the central nervous system and organs or tissues involved in the growth, development, reproduction, and behavior of insects. This empha­ sis is continued in the following three sections on neurochemistry, neuro­ physiology, and neuroanatomy, although no conscious effort was made by the organizers to highlight these particular fields of neuroscience. It is evident that the recent advances in both physical and chemical analyti­ cal techniques have made possible the acquisition of structurally defined probes, the long sought-after tools for unraveling the secrets of endogen­ ous communication. Each section of short papers derived from the oral and poster presentations at the conference is prefaced by an overview that highlights and summarizes the section's content.


Nervous System anatomy behavior insect neurons neuropeptides neurophysiology neuroscience physiology

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