Modern High Temperature Science

A Collection of Research Papers from Scientists, Post-Doctoral Associates, and Colleagues of Professor Leo Brewer in celebration of his 65th birthday

  • John L. Margrave

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Nathan S. Jacobson, Elizabeth J. Opila, Alan W. Searcy
    Pages 53-64
  3. Joerg Pfeifer, Gary Green, James L. Gole
    Pages 85-107
  4. John Yun-Kuang Huang, Paul W. Gilles, J. Edward Bennett
    Pages 109-133
  5. Benuel J. Kelsall, Robert T. Arlinghaus, L. Andrews
    Pages 155-164
  6. R. J. Van Zee, W. Weltner Jr.
    Pages 181-191
  7. M. J. Bird, L. F. Phillips
    Pages 193-199
  8. Guy R. B. Elliott, Donald R. Conant, Barton L. Houseman
    Pages 267-287
  9. M. S. Deshpande, P. D. Desai, A. A. Solomon
    Pages 303-332
  10. J. W. Hastie, K. F. Zmbov, D. W. Bonnell
    Pages 333-364
  11. S. N. Tripathi, M. S. Chandrasekharaiah
    Pages 365-369
  12. Heribert Wiedemeier, Paul A. Siemers
    Pages 395-408
  13. A. B. M. Anwarul Bashar, Peter L. Timms
    Pages 417-425
  14. Gollakota R. Somayajulu
    Pages 427-443
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 457-462

About this book


It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to honor our distinguished colleague, Professor Leo Brewer, on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birth­ day, with this special volume of High Temperature Science. Leo and his wife, Rose, are personal friends of several generations of students and postdoctoral researchers at the University of California at Berkeley. Their concern and understanding has been important to many of us over the past forty years. Each paper in this volume has at least one author who was a gradu­ ate student or a postdoctoral researcher in Leo's laboratory at Berkeley. The variety of topics is indicative of the wide-ranging science done by Brewer-ites and by Leo Brewer himself. He has personally participated in the resolution of many of the classical problems of high-temperature science-from the heat of sublimation of graphite to the dissociation en­ ergy of nitrogen to the prediction of binary and ternary phase diagrams. He and his students have made major contributions to atomic and molec­ ular spectroscopy. He has made significant contributions to the develop­ ment of efficient systems for energy conversion and to ceramics. In addi­ tion to his research activities, Leo Brewer has been a long-time participant in the dynamic undergraduate teaching program of the Berkeley Chemistry Department. He has provided crucial insight for stu­ dents involved in those career-shaping experiences that one endures while acquiring the basics of inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry with that interwoven common bond of thermodynamics.


Cadmium Fluorid Fluoride Mangan Oxidation Selen Sublimation Thiosulfat calcium diffusion energy hydrogen spectroscopy thermodynamics transition metal

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