Ir Genes

Past, Present, and Future

  • Carl W. Pierce
  • Susan E. Cullen
  • Judith A. Kapp
  • Benjamin D. Schwartz
  • Donald C. Shreffler

Part of the Experimental Biology and Medicine book series (EBAM, volume 4)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Genetic Organization of I-Region Genes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Chella S. David, William P. Lafuse
      Pages 3-12
    3. Colleen E. Hayes, Robert M. Whitcomb, David P. Krum, Karen K. Klyczek, Debra A. Hullett
      Pages 13-17
    4. Mauro S. Sandrin, Jenni S. Craig, Ian F. C. McKenzie
      Pages 19-22
    5. William Walsh, Frances Pappas, Regina Skelly, Ted Hansen
      Pages 23-28
    6. Karen Klyczek, Debra Hullett, Colleen Hayes
      Pages 39-43
    7. William Lafuse, Michel Pierres, Chella S. David
      Pages 45-49
    8. V. Hauptfeld, M. Hauptfeld, M. Nahm, J. Trial, J. Kapp, D. Shreffler
      Pages 51-55
    9. J. K. Lunney, B. A. Osborne, C. Devaux, M. Pierres, D. H. Sachs
      Pages 57-61
    10. Sujay K. Singh, William P. Lafuse, David J. McKean, Chella S. David
      Pages 63-67
    11. Michelle Letarte, Jun Okamura, Jane B. L. Addis, Roland Tisch, Erwin W. Gelfand
      Pages 75-79
    12. Suzanne L. Epstein, David H. Sachs
      Pages 81-90
    13. L. B. Schook, D. H. Gutmann, L. E. Marlin, J. E. Niederhuber
      Pages 97-101
    14. J. S. Reichner, M. B. Zaleski
      Pages 103-107
  3. Chemistry of I-Region Gene Products and DNA Cloning of I-Region Gene Products

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 115-115
    2. Susan E. Cullen, David R. Lee, Carol Cowing, Ted H. Hansen, Elliot P. Cowan
      Pages 117-127
    3. J. H. Freed, S. J. Swiedler, J. M. Kupinski, M. L. Plunkett, G. W. Hart
      Pages 129-133
    4. P. P. Jones, C. E. Day, D. King, J. McNicholas, E. Sung
      Pages 135-146
    5. Benjamin D. Schwartz, Robert W. Karr, Carol Kannapell, Judy A. Stein, Yaffa Hahn, Elliot P. Cowan
      Pages 175-184
    6. Sanna M. Goyert, Jack Silver
      Pages 191-195
    7. Carolyn Katovich Hurley, Stephen Shaw, Lee Nadler, Stuart Schlossman, J. Donald Capra
      Pages 197-201
    8. Olivera J. Finn, Ellen Sung, Patricia Jones, Ronald Levy
      Pages 203-207
    9. J. A. Kobori, M. Steinmetz, J. McNicholas, M. Malissen, A. Winoto, C. Wake et al.
      Pages 209-215
    10. D. Mathis, C. Benoist, V. Williams, M. Kanter, H. McDevitt
      Pages 217-221
    11. R. N. Germain, R. Robinson, D. McKean, E. Choi, M. Mescher, J. Seidman
      Pages 223-231
    12. Henry Erlich, Deborah Stetler, Rosy Sheng-Dong, Jack Nunberg, Donald Pious, Carl Grumet et al.
      Pages 233-242
    13. Hriday K. Das, P. Andrew Biro, Cary Mullis, Simon K. Lawrance, Sherman M. Weissman
      Pages 243-247
  4. Ir Gene Function: Cellular Site(s) and Mechanism(s) of Action

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 249-249
    2. George A. Dos Reis, Robert B. Clark, Ethan M. Shevach
      Pages 251-261
    3. David W. Thomas, Laurence B. Peterson, George D. Wilner
      Pages 277-281
    4. F. Manca, J. A. Clarke, E. E. Sercarz, A. Miller
      Pages 305-309

About this book


The Fifth Ir Gene Workshop was held at the Chase-Park Plaza Hotel, St. Louis, MO, August 28-31, 1982; 240 scientists participated in the Workshop. The man­ uscripts compiled in this book describe the state of the art concerning Ir genes. Although the notion of Ir Genes: Past, Present, and Future has not been ad­ dressed specifically by each author, the reader is certain to get this flavor from the contributions. In this Preface, we have tried to summarize some of the salient ob­ servations and discussions from the Workshop. The mUltiple genes of the I region have been defined traditionally by serolog­ ical analysis of intra-H-2 recombinant mice and the pattern of immune responses to certain antigens developed by these recombinant mice. The application of sev­ eral new techniques, such as gene cloning and DNA sequencing, production of T and B cell hybridomas, and development of cloned T cell lines has changed this tradition and introduced a new phase into the analysis of the I region, Ia antigens, and Ir genes.


Antigen DNA Macrophages Monoclonal Antibodies T cell Vivo cell development gene genes genetics immune response immunity mutant regulation

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