Malignant Lymphomas and Hodgkin’s Disease: Experimental and Therapeutic Advances

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Malignant Lymphomas, Lugano, Switzerland, June 13 – 16, 1984

  • Franco Cavalli
  • G. Bonadonna
  • Marcel Rozencweig

Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 32)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XV
  2. Immunopathology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. H. Burrichter, M. Schaadt, C. Kortmann, W. Heit, E. Schell-Frederick, H. Stein et al.
      Pages 7-15
    3. R. I. Fisher, S. E. Bates, D. J. Volkman, V. Diehl, T. T. Hecht, D. L. Longo
      Pages 17-24
    4. E. S. Jaffe, O. J. Cossman, L. M. Neckers, R. M. Braziel, C. R. Simrell
      Pages 25-36
    5. Ph. M. Kluin, S. C. J. Van Der Putte, H. J. Schuurman, L. H. P. M. Rademakers, S. Poppema, J. A. M. Van Unnik
      Pages 37-44
    6. P. Felman, P. A. Bryon, O. Gentilhomme, J. P. Magaud, A. M. Manel, B. Coiffier et al.
      Pages 45-55
  3. Cytogenetics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 71-71
    2. C. D. Bloomfield, D. C. Arthur, E. G. Levine, G. Frizzera, K. J. Gajl-Peczalska, T. W. Lebien et al.
      Pages 73-80
    3. G. Gahrton, G. Juliusson, K. H. Robert, K. Friberg, L. Zech
      Pages 81-87
    4. G. M. Cooper
      Pages 115-122
    5. M. A. Lane, H. A. F. Stephens, M. B. Tobin, K. Doherty
      Pages 123-127
  4. Biochemical markers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 129-129
    2. A. V. Hoffbrand, A. D. Ho
      Pages 131-139
    3. J. C. Mani, J. C. Bonnafous, G. Clofent, J. Favero, A. Gartner, J. Dornand
      Pages 141-149
    4. H. J. Schuurman, J. P. R. M. Van Laarhoven, G. C. De Gast
      Pages 151-161
    5. A. D. Ho, B. Dörken, W. Hunstein, A. V. Hoffbrand
      Pages 163-170
  5. Clinico-pathologic correlations

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 185-185
    2. K. A. MacLennan, M. H. Bennett, A. Tu, B. Vaughan Hudson, M. J. Easterling, C. Vaughan Hudson et al.
      Pages 187-200
    3. C. Lindemalm, H. Mellstedt, P. Biberfeld, M. Björkholm, B. Christensson, G. Holm et al.
      Pages 225-232
    4. T. A. Reichert, R. A. Christensen, A. A. Bartolucci, C. Walker
      Pages 233-241
  6. Special clinical entities

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 243-243
    2. D. L. Longo, R. G. Steis, H. Masur, H. C. Lane, O. Preble, A. S. Fauci et al.
      Pages 245-250
    3. F. M. Muggia, A. Dancis, C. Odajnyk, B. Raphael, J. C. Wernz, R. L. Krigel et al.
      Pages 251-260
    4. S. A. Riggs, S. Kalter, F. Cabanillas, F. B. Hagemeister, W. S. Velasquez, B. Barlogie et al.
      Pages 261-267
    5. P. Salem, L. El-Hashimi, E. Anaissi, M. Khalil, C. Allam
      Pages 269-277
  7. Treatment of Hodgkin’s disease

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 279-279
    2. R. C. Young, D. L. Longo, E. Glatstein, P. L. Duffey, C. F. Winkler, P. H. Wiernik et al.
      Pages 293-298
    3. G. Bonadonna, A. Santoro, P. Valagussa, S. Viviani, R. Zucali, V. Bonfante et al.
      Pages 299-307
    4. S. Pavlovsky, J. Dupont, E. Jiménez, F. Sackmann-Muriel, C. Montero, G. Garay
      Pages 337-343
    5. P. N. Grozea, E. J. Depersio, C. A. Coltman Jr., C. J. Fabian, F. S. Morrison, D. O. Dixon et al.
      Pages 345-351
    6. J. M. Andrieu, Y. Coscas, P. Cramer, C. Julien, M. Weil, G. Tricot
      Pages 353-361
    7. C. Ferme, F. Teillet, M. F. D’Agay, M. Boiron
      Pages 363-369
    8. G. A. Gomez, L. Stutzman, P. A. Reese, H. Nava, A. M. Panahon, M. Barcos et al.
      Pages 371-377
    9. S. B. Sutcliffe, M. K. Gospodarowicz, D. E. Bergsagel, R. S. Bush, R. Chua, T. C. Brown et al.
      Pages 385-391
    10. M. S. Dorreen, P. F. M. Wrigley, A. E. Jones, W. S. Shand, A. G. Stansfeld, T. A. Lister
      Pages 393-401
    11. W. P. Steward, J. Wagstaff, I. D. Todd, D. Crowther
      Pages 403-408

About this book


Malignant lymphomas remain a fascinating research topic for clinicians as well as basic scientists. Rapidly increasing technical sophistication, ex­ panded knowledge and broader implications of new findings underline the need for a forum to integrate the latest developments in the multiple areas involved in the challenging study of lymphoid malignancies. This volume includes contributions of renowned experts and is based on a selection of papers presented at the Second International Conference on Malignant Lymphomas that was held in Lugano, Switzerland, in June 1984. Updated information is provided on various experimental fields including cell biolo­ gy, immunology, genetics and cell biochemistry. Particular attention has been given to special clinical entities such as the lymphomas associated with the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Recent advances in the treat­ of Hodgkin's disease, ncin-Hodgkin's lymphomas and childhood lym­ ment phomas are highlighted with emphasis on growing experience with new therapeutic approaches including monoclonal antibodies and bone marrow transplantation. The contents of the volume reflect and translate numerous avenues of exploration. While there might be some unavoidable overlap, most appear essentially complementary. The intent of the Program Committee of the Second International Conference on Malignant Lymphomas was to promote further interactions between all those who are devoting major efforts to elucidate the nature of these diseases or their optimal therapy. This volume will hopefully amplify this objective. The Editors wish to thank the contributors for delivering the manuscripts on schedule.


Staging biopsy cell classification clinical trial cytogenetics genetics interferon leukemia liver lymphocytes lymphoma pathology stem cell transplantation

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  • Franco Cavalli
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  • G. Bonadonna
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  • Marcel Rozencweig
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  2. 2.Istituto Nazionale, per lo Studio e la Cura dei TumoriMilanoItaly
  3. 3.Pharmaceutical Research & Development DivisionBristol-Myers CompanySyracuseUSA

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