Sexuality and Aging

Clinical Perspectives

  • Jennifer Hillman

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About this book


Sexuality and aging: Clinical perspectives
Jennifer Hillman

There are two primary stereotypes of sexuality and aging.  One is found in the prowling cougars and elder Romeos of TV and film. The other is lonely, ill, depressed, and above all, sexless. The truth mainly lies between these extremes, reflecting a diversity of experience and behaviors to match a growing and dynamic senior population.

Sexuality and Aging: Clinical Perspectives assembles the most up-to-date information on the spectrum of middle-aged and older people’s sex-related concerns, from HIV to ED, from body image problems to dating after 50.  This timely volume equips professionals to answer questions more accurately and help clients navigate the multiple changes and challenges that accompany aging.  In-depth analysis, empirical findings, and case studies offer a clear picture of what clinicians can expect as the baby-boom population grows older. And the author provides helpful advice for clinicians seeking a comfort level for discussing sexual matters in practice. Included in the coverage:

  • An overview of sexuality among middle-aged and older adults including historical approaches and current research methodologies.
  • Specific chapters focusing upon men’s and women’s concerns.
  • The impact of prescription and over the counter medicines on sexual function.
  • Sexuality in the contexts of disability, dementia, and long-term care.
  • The increasing prevalence of HIV, AIDS, and other STDs among adults over 50.
  • LGBT issues and cross-cultural perspectives.
  • Sexuality and end-of-life issues.

Sexuality and Aging: Clinical Perspectives is vital, informative reading for therapists, counselors, graduate students, and anyone working with middle-aged and older adults, including the generalist practitioner as well as the specialist in gerontology or sexuality.



Elderly Erectile Dysfunction Geriatric Gerontology HIV/AIDS Older adults Psychology Sex therapy Sexual behavior Sexuality Sexuality Transmitted Diseases Side-effects

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