An Old Disease, a New Insight

  • Shamim I. Ahmad

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 771)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxiii
  2. Kirti Kaul, Joanna M. Tarr, Shamim I. Ahmad, Eva M. Kohner, Rakesh Chibber
    Pages 1-11
  3. Jorge de Faria Maraschin
    Pages 12-19
  4. Saeko Shibasaki, Akihisa Imagawa, Toshiaki Hanafusa
    Pages 20-23
  5. Khalid Imam
    Pages 24-34
  6. Emil Ginter, Vlado Simko
    Pages 35-41
  7. Emil Ginter, Vlado Simko
    Pages 42-50
  8. Soon H. Song
    Pages 51-61
  9. Christopher Ting, Vivek Bansal, Ibrahim Batal, Marwan Mounayar, Lola Chabtini, Ghania El Akiki et al.
    Pages 62-75
  10. Antonio Bascones-Martínez, Santiago Arias-Herrera, Elena Criado-Cámara, Jaime Bascones-Ilundáin, Cristina Bascones-Ilundáin
    Pages 76-87
  11. Joanna M. Tarr, Kirti Kaul, Katarzyna Wolanska, Eva M. Kohner, Rakesh Chibber
    Pages 88-106
  12. Bancha Satirapoj
    Pages 107-122
  13. Sanjeev K. Gupta, Surya K. Singh
    Pages 123-138
  14. Eric L. Johnson
    Pages 139-154
  15. Zdravko A. Kamenov, Latchezar D. Traykov
    Pages 155-175
  16. Zdravko A. Kamenov, Latchezar D. Traykov
    Pages 176-193
  17. Daria La Torre
    Pages 194-218
  18. Heather Mangiapane
    Pages 219-228
  19. Maureen Morrison
    Pages 229-239
  20. Letizia Galleri, Guido Sebastiani, Francesco Vendrame, Fabio Arturo Grieco, Isabella Spagnuolo, Francesco Dotta
    Pages 252-271
  21. Krisztian Stadler
    Pages 272-287
  22. Piero Marchetti, Marco Bugliani, Ugo Boggi, Matilde Masini, Lorella Marselli
    Pages 288-309
  23. Matthew Maulis, Roberto Gianani
    Pages 310-318
  24. Sergio Polakof, Blandine Comte
    Pages 319-339
  25. Tanya Lee, Jean-Jacques Dugoua
    Pages 381-395
  26. George Q. Li, Antony Kam, Ka H. Wong, Xian Zhou, Eshaifol A. Omar, Ali Alqahtani et al.
    Pages 396-413
  27. Afshin Tavakoli, Sue Liong
    Pages 420-437
  28. Stanley Schwartz, Anthony N. Fabricatore, Andrea Diamond
    Pages 438-458
  29. Štěpán Svačina
    Pages 459-464
  30. Hiroyuki Umegaki
    Pages 465-470
  31. Shamim I. Ahmad
    Pages 471-472
  32. Back Matter
    Pages 473-485

About this book


Diabetes is a complex disease and is also one of the most common.  It is very difficult to reach an accurate estimate for the global prevalence of diabetes since the standards and methods of data collection vary widely in different parts of the world. In addition, many potential sufferers are not included in the count because according to an estimate about 50% of cases remain undiagnosed for up to 10 years. However, according to an estimate for 2010, globally, there are about 285 million people (amounting to 6.4% of the adult population) suffering from this disease. This number is estimated to increase to 439 million by 2030 if no cure is found. The general increase in life expectancy, leading to an ageing population, and the global rise in obesity are two main reasons for the increase.

With the basic platform set, Editor presents his views and advice to the readers, especially to diabetic patients suffering from T2DM, on the basis of his observations and information collected from other diabetics.


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