Advances in Mucosal Immunology

Part A

  • Jiri Mestecky
  • Michael W. Russell
  • Susan Jackson
  • Suzanne M. Michalek
  • Helena Tlaskalová-Hogenová
  • Jaroslav Šterzl

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 371)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xliii
  2. Part A

    1. B and T Cells of the Mucosal Immune System: Trafficking and Cytokine Regulation

      1. Jaroslav Sterzl, Jaroslava Milerova, Lucie Mackova, Jiri Travnicek
        Pages 1-7
      2. C. I. E. Smith, B. Baskin, E. Pattersson, L. Hammarstrom, K. B. Islam
        Pages 9-13
      3. Francine Briere, Thierry Defrance, Beatrice Vanbervliet, Jean-Michel Bridon, Isabelle Durand, Francoise Rousset et al.
        Pages 21-26
      4. Liang Qiao, Guido Schürmann, Stefan C. Meuer, Reinhard Wallich, Albrecht Schirren, Frank Autschbach
        Pages 31-34
      5. Marie-Louise Hammarström, Lucia Mincheva-Nilsson, Sten Hammarström
        Pages 47-53
      6. David W. Pascual, Kenneth W. Beagley, Hiroshi Kiyono, Jerry R. McGhee
        Pages 55-59
      7. Taede Sminia, Marsetyawan Soesatyo, Mohammad Ghufron, Theo Thepen
        Pages 61-65
      8. Bernadette Bègue, Sabine Sarnacki, Françoise le Deist, Hélène Buc, Jean Gagnon, Tomaso Méo et al.
        Pages 67-75
      9. Henrike L. Schieferdecker, Daniela C. Schmidt, Reiner Ullrich, Hans-Ulrich Jahn, Heike Hirseland, Martin Zeitz
        Pages 77-79
      10. B. Albini, D. Nadal, C. Chen, E. Schlapfer, B. K. Mookerjee, T. Stulnig et al.
        Pages 85-89
      11. Inger Nina Farstad, Trond S. Halstensen, Dag Kvalel, Olav Fausa, Per Brandtzaeg
        Pages 91-96
      12. Zina Moldoveanu, Michael W. Russell, Hong Yin Wu, Wen-Qiang Huang, Richard W. Compans, Jiri Mestecky
        Pages 97-101
      13. Cummins Lue, A. Warmold L. Van den Wall Bake, Shirley J. Prince, Bruce A. Julian, Mei-ling Tseng, Charles O. Elson III et al.
        Pages 103-106
      14. Bjørn Haneberg, Donna Kendall, Helen M. Amerongen, Felice M. Apter, Marian R. Neutra
        Pages 107-109
      15. Tracy Hussell, Peter G. Isaacson, Jo Spencer
        Pages 111-115
      16. Wai-Ping Fung-Leung, Kenji Kishihara, Dawn Gray, Hung-Sia Teh, Catherine Y. Lau, Tak W. Mak
        Pages 121-124
      17. Wilhelm K. Aicher, Hermann Eibel, Kohtaro Fujihashi, Tilman Boehm, Kenneth W. Beagley, Jerry R. McGhee et al.
        Pages 125-128
      18. Ahmet Dogan, Thomas T. MacDonald, Jo Spencer
        Pages 141-143
      19. Tracy Hussell, P. G. Isaacson, Jo Spencer
        Pages 145-147
      20. Hermann J. Rothkötter, Timm Kirchhoff, Reinhard Pabst
        Pages 149-150
      21. Igor I. Slukvin, Valentina V. Pilipenko, Victor P. Chernyshov, Alexey A. Philchenkov
        Pages 153-157
      22. Juri Marinov, Kristian Koubek, Jan Starý
        Pages 159-162
      23. A. Fiserová, G. Trinchieri, S. Chan, K. Bezouska, M. Flieger, M. Pospisil
        Pages 163-166
      24. D. Pearson, P. Sheldon
        Pages 167-170
    2. Non-Lymphoid Cells of the Mucosal Immune System: Epithelial Cells, APC, and other Cell Types

      1. Itaru Moro, Tomihisa Takahashi, Takashi Iwase, Masatake Asano, Nobuko Takenouchi, Satoshi Nishimura et al.
        Pages 175-182
      2. Spencer Hedges, Majlis Svensson, William Agace, Catharina Svanborg
        Pages 189-193
      3. Eduardo J. Schiffrin, Yves Borel, Anne Donnet-Hughes
        Pages 195-196
      4. Per Brandtzaeg, Tor-Øivind Gabrielsen, Inge Dale, Fredrik Müller, Martin Steinbakk, Magne K. Fagerhol
        Pages 201-206
      5. Jarle Rugtveit, Helge Scott, Trond S. Halstensen, Olav Fausa, Per Brandtzaeg
        Pages 207-210
      6. Akira Andoh, Yoshihide Fujiyama, Tadao Bamba, Shiro Hosoda, William R. Brown
        Pages 211-215
      7. O. Poulain-Godefroy, R. P. Hirt, N. Fasel, J. P. Kraehenbühl
        Pages 217-220
      8. Ross W. Lambert, Jianping Gao, Robin S. Kelleher, L. Alexandra Wickham, David A. Sullivan
        Pages 221-224
      9. Karine Vidal, Isabelle Grosjean, Dominique Kaiserlian
        Pages 225-228
      10. Dennis W. McGee, Jerry R. McGhee, Kenneth W. Beagley, Wilhelm K. Aicher
        Pages 229-232
      11. Christian Le Jan
        Pages 233-234

About this book


The Seventh International Congress of Mucosal Immunology held in Prague, the beautiful old capital of The Czech Republic, 16-20 August 1992, was the first to be sponsored by the Society for Mucosal Immunology, and was the largest since their inception 20 years earlier in Birmingham, Alabama. It was attended by 624 participants who gave 538 presentations, more than 10 times the numbers of the first meeting; these proceedings contain 354 papers that were submitted for publication. The political events in Europe that made it possible to hold this Congress in Prague also allowed for the first time the participation of large numbers of scientists from Eastern Europe, as weil as from Asia, and the organizers were truly gratified by this happy circumstance. It is now clear not only that mucosal immunityencompasses the huge area of mucosal surfaces and most physiological organ systems, but also that mucosal immunology extends over the whole global surface and all continents! The sheer size of the Congress and number of manuscripts unfortunately entailed some unexpected problems in editing and assembling the proceedings, partly due to the diversity of linguistic styles not represented at earlier meetings, and we apologize to the authors who have patiently awaited the publication of their contributions.


HIV autoimmunity cytokine development diseases immunodeficiency immunoglobulin immunology infection infections nutrition parasite pathology phylogeny vaccine

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  • Michael W. Russell
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  • Susan Jackson
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  • Suzanne M. Michalek
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  • Helena Tlaskalová-Hogenová
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  • Jaroslav Šterzl
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  1. 1.University of Alabama at BirminghamBirminghamUSA
  2. 2.Academy of Sciences of the Czech RepublicPragueCzech Republic

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