Plant Molecular Biology 2

  • R. G. Herrmann
  • B. A. Larkins

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 212)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Simon N. Covey, David S. Turner, Rebecca Stratford, Keith Saunders, Andrew Lucy, Sarah Riseborough et al.
    Pages 1-10
  3. Paul Ahlquist, Richard Allison, Walter DeJong, Michael Janda, Philip Kroner, Radiya Pacha et al.
    Pages 11-21
  4. James N. Culver, Alwyn G. C. Lindbeck, Paul R. Desjardins, William O. Dawson
    Pages 23-33
  5. T. Godefroy-Colburn, C. Erny, F. Schoumacher, A. Berna, M.-J. Gagey, C. Stussi-Garaud
    Pages 35-48
  6. Richard Kormelink, Peter de Haan, Dick Peters, Rob Goldbach
    Pages 49-56
  7. W. L. Gerlach, M. J. Young
    Pages 67-73
  8. Detlev Riesner, Jutta Harders, Rolf Hecker, Petra Klaff, Peter Loss, Noemi Lukacs et al.
    Pages 75-90
  9. Rosemarie W. Hammond, Robert A. Owens
    Pages 91-100
  10. Philippe Roche, Patrice Lerouge, Jean-Claude Promé, David G. Barker, Catherine Faucher, Fabienne Maillet et al.
    Pages 101-109
  11. Clemens van de Wiel, Ton Bisseling
    Pages 111-120
  12. Desh Pal S. Verma, Guo-Hua Miao, Chandrashekhar P. Joshi, Choong-III Cheon, Ashton Delauney
    Pages 121-130
  13. Peter Lauridsen, Niels Sandal, Astrid Kühle, Kjeld Marcker, Jens Stougaard
    Pages 131-137
  14. Gloria M. Coruzzi, Janice W. Edwards, Elsbeth L. Walker, Fong-Ying Tsai, Timothy Brears
    Pages 139-145
  15. Klaus Hahlbrock, Petra Groß, Christiane Colling, Dierk Scheel
    Pages 147-151
  16. Bernard Dumas, Estelle Jaeck, Annick Stintzi, Jacques Rouster, Serge Kauffmann, Pierrette Geoffroy et al.
    Pages 153-166
  17. Forrest G. Chumley, Barbara Valent, Marc J. Orbach, James A. Sweigard, Leonard Farrall, Anne Walter
    Pages 167-178
  18. Richard P. Oliver, Nick J. Talbot, Mark T. McHale, Alan Coddington
    Pages 179-182
  19. André Hoekema, Marianne J. Huisman, Dinie Posthumus-Lutke Willink, Erik Jongedijk, Peter van den Elzen, Ben J. C. Cornelissen
    Pages 183-192
  20. Paul J. J. Hooykaas, Leo S. Melchers, Kees W. Rodenburg, Stefan C. H. Turk
    Pages 193-204
  21. Csaba Koncz, Thomas Schmülling, Angelo Spena, Jeff Schell
    Pages 205-209
  22. P. Costantino, M. Cardarelli, I. Capone, A. De Paolis, P. Filetici, M. Pomponi et al.
    Pages 211-218
  23. Michael Fromm, Theodore M. Klein, Stephen A. Goff, Brad Roth, Fionnuala Morrish, Charles Armstrong
    Pages 219-224
  24. Nigel Grimsley, Elke Jarchow, Juerg Oetiker, Michael Schlaeppi, Barbara Hohn
    Pages 225-238
  25. Brian M. Hauge, Jerome Giraudat, Susan Hanley, Inhwan Hwang, Takayukl Kohchi, Howard M. Goodman
    Pages 239-248
  26. Michael G. Murray, Yan San Chyi, Jane H. Cramer, Sandra DeMars, Jane Kirschman, Yu Ma et al.
    Pages 249-261
  27. Scott V. Tingey, J. Antoni Rafalski, John G. K. Williams, Scott Sebastian
    Pages 263-268
  28. Thomas C. Osborn, Keming M. Song, Wayne C. Kennard, Mary K. Slocum, Scott Figdore, Jon Suzuki et al.
    Pages 269-276
  29. Reinhard Kunze, George Coupland, Heidi Fußwinkel, Siegfried Feldmar, Ulrike Courage, Sylvia Schein et al.
    Pages 285-298
  30. N. V. Fedoroff, P. Masson, J. A. Banks
    Pages 299-308
  31. Monika Frey, Adriane Menßen, Sarah Grant, Stephanie Lütticke, Julio Reinecke, Stefan Trentmann et al.
    Pages 309-315
  32. Rachel Burton, Clare Lister, Steve Schofield, Jonathan Jones, Cathie Martin
    Pages 317-332
  33. Marie-Angèle Grandbastien, Albert Spielmann, Sylvie Pouteau, Eric Huttner, Michèle Longuet, Karl Kunert et al.
    Pages 333-343
  34. Christiane M.-R. Fauron, Marie Havlik, Mark Casper
    Pages 345-363
  35. Jean-Michel Grienenberger, Lorenzo Lamattina, Jacques Henry Weil, Géraldine Bonnard, José Gualberto
    Pages 365-373
  36. K. L. Korth, F. Struck, C. I. Kaspi, J. N. Siedow, C. S. Levings III
    Pages 375-381
  37. Maureen R. Hanson, Marie B. Connett, Otto Folkerts, Shamay Izhar, Susan M. McEvoy, Helen T. Nivison et al.
    Pages 383-399
  38. Jean-David Rochaix, Michel Goldschmidt-Clermont, Yves Choquet, Michael Kuchka, Jacqueline Girard-Bascou
    Pages 401-410
  39. Reinhold G. Herrmann, Ralf Oelmüller, Josef Bichler, Alois Schneiderbauer, Johannes Steppuhn, Norbert Wedel et al.
    Pages 411-427
  40. John E. Mullet, Jeffrey C. Rapp, Brian J. Baumgartner, Tineke Berends-Sexton, David A. Christopher
    Pages 439-447
  41. Diter von Wettstein
    Pages 449-459
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    Pages 461-469
  43. Christine Wandelt, Wayne Knibb, Hartmut E. Schroeder, M. Rafiqul I. Khan, Donald Spencer, Stuart Craig et al.
    Pages 471-478
  44. Joseph Mol, Alexander van der Krol, Arjen van Tunen, Rik van Blokland, Pieter de Lange, Antoine Stuitje
    Pages 479-486
  45. E. Schäfer, A. Batschauer, A. R. Cashmore, B. Ehmann, H. Frohnmeyer, K. Hahlbrock et al.
    Pages 487-497
  46. Peter H. Quail, Wesley B. Bruce, Katayoon Dehesh, Jacqueline Dulson
    Pages 499-508
  47. E. M. Tobin, J. A. Brusslan, J. A. Buzby, G. A. Karlin-Neumann, D. M. Kehoe, P. A. Okubara et al.
    Pages 509-517

About this book


The VI NATO Advanced Study Institute on Plant Molecular Biology, held in Elmau, Bavaria, Germany, from 14 to 23 May, 1990, brought together representative scientific leaders from all over the world to review their lastest results. They presented lectures or posters, participated in lively discussions, educated students, and exchanged views and plans for future research in this highly exciting field of science. The experiments, data and questions were naturally varied, but all of them illustrate that the modern techniques of molecular biology, complemented by developments in immunology, genetics, and ultrastructural research, have pervaded nearly every branch of biology. The presentations show that these approaches have tremendously increased our potential both for fundamental research, our understanding of life, and by analogy to the precedents of physics and chemistry, have led and will continue to lead to "engineering sciences" and implicitly, to new industrial processes. Some of these applications are a matter of debate in the public domain today and many feel that the development of industrial gene technology requires the attention of the whole scientific community. Nevertheless, the implications of this research for the genetic improvement of agricultural plants are profound. Some of the near term technologies being developed provide novel approaches for improving the utility of food crops. They can also result in reduced dependence on the use of pesticides for food production.


biology chemistry development genetics immunology molecular biology plant plants

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  • B. A. Larkins
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  2. 2.University of ArizonaTucsonUSA

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