Eicosanoids and Other Bioactive Lipids in Cancer and Radiation Injury

Proceedings of the 1st International Conference October 11–14, 1989 Detroit, Michigan USA

  • Kenneth V. Honn
  • Lawrence J. Marnett
  • Santosh Nigam
  • Thomas L. WaldenJr.

Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 67)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxi
  2. Phospholipid Turnover Oxygenases and Fatty Acid Metabolism

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. S. Yamamoto, T. Yoshimoto, H. Suzuki, N. Ueda, K. Natsui, Y. Takahashi et al.
      Pages 3-8
    3. R. C. Murphy, J. MacLouf, P. M. Henson
      Pages 9-14
    4. R. Nüsing, V. Ullrich, F. Gudat, M. J. Mihatsch
      Pages 15-18
    5. W. C. Hubbard, M. C. Alley, T. L. McLemore, M. R. Boyd
      Pages 27-32
    6. J. P. Hardwick, J. J. Russell, S. Kimura, F. J. Gonzalez, J. K. Reddy, C. Peraino et al.
      Pages 37-41
    7. J. Å. Lindgren, C. Edenius, L. Stenke
      Pages 43-47
  3. Radiation and Chemical Carcinogenesis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 49-49
    2. A. R. Kennedy
      Pages 51-59
    3. S. M. Fischer, G. S. Cameron, K. E. Patrick, J. Leyton, R. J. Morris
      Pages 61-67
    4. N. T. Telang, A. Basu, M. J. Modak, H. L. Bradlow, M. P. Osborne
      Pages 93-102
    5. K. S. Iwamoto, L. R. Bennett, A. E. Villalobos, C. A. Hutson, W. H. McBride, A. Norman
      Pages 103-107
  4. Lipid Peroxidation, Eicosanoid Biosynthesis, and Radiation Induced Tissue Injury

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 109-109
    2. S. Cathapermal, M. L. Foegh, R. Vargas, P. W. Ramwell
      Pages 117-121
    3. T. L. Walden Jr., N. K. Farzaneh, J. M. Speicher, T. A. Fitz
      Pages 123-133
    4. M. J. Schneidkraut, M. E. Warfield, C. M. Cunard, P. W. Ramwell, P. A. Kot
      Pages 135-140
    5. A. F. Casini, E. Maellaro, B. Del Bello, M. Comporti
      Pages 141-145
    6. S. G. Shaughnessy, D. Warner, M. R. Buchanan, R. Lafrenie, F. W. Orr
      Pages 147-152
    7. J. M. Onoda, M. P. Piechocki
      Pages 153-160
    8. E. W. Hupp, A. Hajibeigi, J. E. Hardcastle
      Pages 161-164
    9. K. J. Levin, P. H. Gutin, M. W. Mcdermott, G. Y. Ross, N. Hooper, M. T. Smith et al.
      Pages 165-171
    10. W. R. Farkas, L. Szabo, T. L. Walden Jr.
      Pages 173-182
    11. M. R. Landauer, H. D. Davis, T. L. Walden Jr.
      Pages 183-188
    12. S. B. Kandasamy, W. A. Hunt
      Pages 189-197
  5. Antioxidant Enzyme Action

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 199-199
    2. H. L. Elford, B. Van’t Riet
      Pages 201-204
    3. I. U. Schraufstatter, J. H. Jackson, O. Quehenberger, C. G. Cochrane
      Pages 213-217
  6. Dietary Lipid Actions

  7. Immunomodulation

  8. Receptor Modulation of Lipid Metabolism

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 265-265
    2. Y. A. Hannun
      Pages 275-283

About this book


This volume contains the proceedings of the First International Conference on Eicosanoids and Other Bioactive Lipids in Cancer and Radiation Injury held in Detroit, Michigan on October 11-14, 1989. The program consisted of 83 oral and 29 poster presentations, 74 of which are included in these proceedings. The major sponsors of the conference were the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, located in Bethesda, Maryland, the Radiation Oncology Research and Development Center of the Gershenson Radiation Oncology Center, Harper Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, and Schering AG of West Germany. Eighteen other organizations provided additional support. The conference was unique in its attempt to link the eicosanoid and lipid researchers in the radiobiology and cancer disciplines. The diverse roles that eicosanoids and other bioactive lipids play in these biological phenomena including the participation of lipid oxidation in conversion of procarcinogens, positive and negative modulation of tumor growth, immunomodulation, tissue injury, and yet protection and enhancement of cancer therapy, necessitated scientific interaction to sort out and understand these complex and sometimes contradictory observations. The success of this effort is reflected not only through these proceedings, but also through the decision to continue the conference series with a second meeting to be held in Berlin between September 17-21, 1991.


Tumor carcinogenesis cell cellular differentiation leukemia melanoma mutagen ovarian cancer prevention radiation radiation oncology radiotherapy thymus transplantation tumor growth

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  • Kenneth V. Honn
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  • Lawrence J. Marnett
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  • Santosh Nigam
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  • Thomas L. WaldenJr.
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  1. 1.Department of Radiation OncologyWayne State UniversityDetroitUSA
  2. 2.Department of BiochemistryVanderbilt UniversityNashvilleUSA
  3. 3.Department of Gynecological Endocrinology Klinikum SteglitzFree University BerlinBerlinGermany
  4. 4.Department of Radiation BiochemistryArmed Forces Radiobiology Research InstituteBethesdaUSA

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