Pediatric Otolaryngology for the Clinician

  • Kevin D. Pereira
  • Ron B. Mitchell

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. General

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 2-2
    2. Stanton Jones
      Pages 15-20
    3. Jean E. Ashland
      Pages 21-28
    4. Cindy Jon
      Pages 35-47
  3. Otology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 50-50
    2. Marc C. Thorne, Ralph F. Wetmore
      Pages 51-54
    3. Margaretha L. Casselbrant, Ellen M. Mandel
      Pages 55-60
    4. Peter S. Roland, Tyler W. Scoresby
      Pages 61-65
    5. Yisgav Shapira, Thomas J. Balkany
      Pages 81-88
  4. Rhinology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 90-90
    2. T.J. O-Lee, Peter J. Koltai
      Pages 91-95
    3. Cherie L. Booth, K. Christopher McMains
      Pages 97-104
    4. Stacey Leigh Smith, Kevin D. Pereira
      Pages 105-111
    5. Thomas Sanford
      Pages 113-119
    6. Zoukaa Sargi, Ramzi Younis
      Pages 121-125
  5. The Head and Neck

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 128-128
    2. John P. Maddolozzo, Sandra Koterski, James W. Schroeder Jr, Hau Sin Wong
      Pages 129-135
    3. David J. Brown
      Pages 137-147
    4. Alessandro de Alarcon, Charles M. Myer III
      Pages 149-157
    5. Emily F. Rudnick, Ron B. Mitchell
      Pages 159-163
    6. Kathleen Wasylik, James Sidman
      Pages 165-172
    7. Samantha Anne, Robert F. Yellon
      Pages 173-179
    8. Craig S. Derkay, Stephen M. Wold
      Pages 181-186
    9. David H. Darrow, Nathan A. Kludt
      Pages 187-195
    10. Ron B. Mitchell
      Pages 197-200
    11. Scott C. Manning, Jonathan A. Perkins
      Pages 201-211
  6. Emergencies in Pediatric Otolaryngology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 214-214
    2. Harlan Muntz
      Pages 215-222
    3. Ryan Raju, G. Paul Digoy
      Pages 223-229
    4. Kelley M. Dodson, Angela Peng
      Pages 231-236
    5. Rodney Lusk
      Pages 237-243
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 245-251

About this book


Over the last 20 years, pediatric otolaryngology has become a recognized subspecialty within otolaryngology head and neck surgery. Organizing the growth of clinical practice and knowledge in this area now is Pediatric Otolaryngology for the Clinician, a user-friendly resource for practicing general otolaryngologists, pediatricians and family practice physicians. This important title is divided into five sections: general ENT topics, otology, rhinology, head and neck disorders, and emergencies. Each chapter is authored by a recognized expert in the field and is concise and highly informative. Designed as a quick reference guide on a variety of topics such as antibiotic treatment of ear infections, sleep disorders in children, cochlear implantation, and airway management, to name just several, the book serves as a comprehensive yet succinct guide to caring for children with ear, nose and throat problems and will stand as an invaluable resource for any busy pediatric clinic.


airway management complications ear growth hearing implant otolaryngology rhinosinusitis speech surgery tonsil voice

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  • Kevin D. Pereira
  • Ron B. Mitchell

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