The 2018 Yearbook of the Digital Ethics Lab

  • Carl Öhman
  • David Watson

Part of the Digital Ethics Lab Yearbook book series (DELY)

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This book explores a wide range of topics in digital ethics. It features 11 chapters that analyze the opportunities and the ethical challenges posed by digital innovation, delineate new approaches to solve them, and offer concrete guidance to harness the potential for good of digital technologies. The contributors are all members of the Digital Ethics Lab (the DELab), a research environment that draws on a wide range of academic traditions.

The chapters highlight the inherently multidisciplinary nature of the subject, which cannot be separated from the epistemological foundations of the technologies themselves or the political implications of the requisite reforms. Coverage illustrates the importance of expert knowledge in the project of designing new reforms and political systems for the digital age. The contributions also show how this task requires a deep self-understanding of who we are as individuals and as a species.

The questions raised here have ancient -- perhaps even timeless -- roots. The phenomena they address may be new. But, the contributors examine the fundamental concepts that undergird them:  good and evil, justice and truth. Indeed, every epoch has its great challenges. The role of philosophy must be to redefine the meaning of these concepts in light of the particular challenges it faces. This is true also for the digital age. This book takes an important step towards redefining and re-implementing fundamental ethical concepts to this new era.


Digital Ethics Information Society Information Ethics GitHub Philosophy Mathematics Data Science Cyber Deterrence Philosophy Politics Information Society Digital Ethics Machine Learning A.I. Crime Privacy ethics Privacy theory Digital Afterlife Internet Governance Law information digital Artificial Intelligence Ethics Computer Technology Philosophy

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  • Carl Öhman
    • 1
  • David Watson
    • 2
  1. 1.Oxford Internet Institute, Digital Ethics LabUniversity of OxfordOxfordUK
  2. 2.Oxford Internet Institute, Digital Ethics LabUniversity of OxfordOxfordUK

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