Teaching Anatomy

A Practical Guide

  • Lap Ki Chan
  • Wojciech Pawlina

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Lap Ki Chan, Miriam Uhlmann
    Pages 1-9
  3. Camille DiLullo
    Pages 11-21
  4. Darrell J. R. Evans
    Pages 31-40
  5. Jennifer M. McBride, Richard L. Drake
    Pages 41-44
  6. Michelle D. Lazarus, Danielle Rhodes
    Pages 45-53
  7. Christopher See
    Pages 63-71
  8. Adam M. Taylor
    Pages 73-84
  9. Lap Ki Chan
    Pages 85-95
  10. Thierry R. H. Bacro
    Pages 107-114
  11. Nirusha Lachman, Wojciech Pawlina
    Pages 123-131
  12. Boon Huat Bay, Samuel Sam Wah Tay, Dinesh Kumar Srinivasan
    Pages 133-141
  13. Esther M. Bergman
    Pages 143-152
  14. Cheryl Melovitz-Vasan, Susan Huff, Nagaswami S. Vasan
    Pages 161-172
  15. Nirusha Lachman
    Pages 173-183
  16. Thomas H. Champney, Douglas C. Broadfield, Evelyn H. Vargas, David R. Hoodiman
    Pages 207-214
  17. Sabine Hildebrandt, Thomas H. Champney
    Pages 215-222
  18. Goran Štrkalj, Joyce El-Haddad, Anneliese Hulme
    Pages 223-235
  19. Lap Ki Chan, Ronnie Homi Shroff, Jian Yang, Tomasz Cecot
    Pages 247-257
  20. Jennifer M. McBride, Richard L. Drake
    Pages 271-274
  21. Robert B. Trelease, James Lister, Stephen Schettler
    Pages 275-287
  22. Quenton Wessels, Adam Michael Taylor, Christian Jacobson
    Pages 289-299
  23. Lap Ki Chan, Rocky Chun Chung Cheung
    Pages 325-335
  24. Atsushi Sugiura, Toshihiro Kitama, Masahiro Toyoura, Xiaoyang Mao
    Pages 337-347
  25. James F. X. Jones, Conan McCaul, Laura Gorman, Thomas Campbell, Mark Pickering
    Pages 349-357
  26. Allan C. Stirling, Christian Moro
    Pages 359-366
  27. Danielle F. Royer, Cory A. Buenting Gritton
    Pages 367-377
  28. Patrick Schiller, Andrew Phillips, Christopher Straus
    Pages 379-392
  29. Dujeepa D. Samarasekera, Eng-Tat Ang, Matthew C. E. Gwee
    Pages 393-404
  30. Andrew R. Thompson, Polly R. Husmann
    Pages 405-416
  31. Darrell J. R. Evans
    Pages 431-441
  32. Claire F. Smith, Gabrielle M. Finn, Jane Holland, Jane Stewart, Siobhan A. Connolly, Catherine M. Hennessy et al.
    Pages 443-452
  33. Jennifer M. McBride, Richard L. Drake
    Pages 453-457
  34. Douglas F. Paulsen, Brenda J. Klement, Lawrence E. Wineski
    Pages 473-482
  35. Gabrielle M. Finn, Frederic W. Hafferty
    Pages 483-493
  36. Stephen McHanwell, Joanna Matthan
    Pages 495-507
  37. Lawrence J. Rizzolo, William B. Stewart, Alexandria Garino, Linda H. Pellico
    Pages 509-517

About this book


The field of anatomy is dynamic and fertile. The rapid advances in technology in the past few years have produced exciting opportunities in the teaching of gross anatomy such as 3D printing, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital anatomy models, portable ultrasound, and more. Pedagogical innovations such as gamification and the flipped classroom, among others, have also been developed and implemented. As a result, preparing anatomy teachers in the use of these new teaching tools and methods is very timely.

The main aim of the second edition of Teaching Anatomy – A Practical Guide is to offer gross anatomy teachers the most up-to-date advice and guidance for anatomy teaching, utilizing pedagogical and technological innovations at the forefront of anatomy education in the five years since the publication of the first edition.

This edition is structured according to the teaching and learning situations that gross anatomy teachers will find themselves in: large group setting, small group setting, gross anatomy laboratory, writing examination questions, designing anatomy curriculum, using anatomy teaching tools, or building up their scholarship of teaching and learning. Fully revised and updated, including fifteen new chapters discussing the latest advances, this second edition is an excellent resource for all instructors in gross anatomy.


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Editors and affiliations

  • Lap Ki Chan
    • 1
  • Wojciech Pawlina
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of MedicineMacau University of Science and TechnologyMacao Special Administrative RegionChina
  2. 2.Department of Clinical AnatomyMayo Clinic College of Medicine and ScienceRochesterUSA

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