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Pascal Paillé is Full Professor and Head of the People & Organization Department at Neoma Business School, France. His research and teaching focus on sustainable human resource management. Paillé has published more than 80 research papers in leading journals (Journal of Business EthicsJournal of Business ResearchOrganization and Environment, International Journal of Human Resource Management, and the Journal of Environmental Psychology, among others), 15 book chapters, and 3 books. He also has served as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Environment, Workplace, and Employment (2015-2019).

The phrase “greening of the workplace” refers to the range of resources used by an organization to ensure its management and industrial processes are conducive to the adoption of workplace pro-environmental behaviors by its employees, irrespective of their position, the nature of their work or their rank within the organization. This book provides greater visibility to research into how organizations encourage their employees to take environmental considerations into account in their daily work. It examines the connections between organizational practices, individual behaviors, and environmental performance. This book will appeal to HRM scholars interested in the psychological, managerial and organizational dimensions governing the relationship between individuals and ecology.


Corporate Greening Environmental Sustainability Employee Environmental Behavior Environmental Performance Individual Environmental Orientation Green Human Resource Management pro-environmental behavior environmental behavior border theory

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