The Cognitive Foundations of Group Attitudes and Social Interaction

  • Andreas Herzig
  • Emiliano Lorini

Part of the Studies in the Philosophy of Sociality book series (SIPS, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. Emanuele Bottazzi, Nicolas Troquard
    Pages 1-23
  3. Benoit Gaudou, Andreas Herzig, Dominique Longin, Emiliano Lorini
    Pages 75-106
  4. Patrick Girard
    Pages 107-120
  5. David Pearce, Levan Uridia
    Pages 133-152
  6. Giovanni Sartor
    Pages 177-190
  7. Barbara Sonzogni, Federico Cecconi, Giulia Andrighetto, Rosaria Conte
    Pages 191-202

About this book


This book offers a widely interdisciplinary approach to investigating important questions surrounding the cognitive foundations of group attitudes and social interaction. The volume tackles issues such as the relationship between individual and group attitudes, the cognitive bases of group identity and group identification, and the link between emotions and individual attitudes.

This volume delves into the links between individual attitudes (such as beliefs, goals and intentions) and how they are reflected in shared attitudes where common belief, collective acceptance, joint intentions, and group preferences come into play. It pursues answers to the connections between trust and beliefs, goals and intentions and attempts to investigate questions such as: does trust have an affective component and how it may relate to hope and fear? The volume also scrutinizes game theory and questions whether it can satisfactorily explain and model social interaction and if there may be any concepts which are not addressed by the current theory.

Contributors are derived from disciplines including philosophy, economics, psychology, logic, and computer science. Interdisciplinary in scope and comprehensive detail, this volume integrates a variety of approaches – philosophical, psychological and artificial intelligence – to strategic, normative and emotional aspects of social interaction.


cognitive basis of group identity and group identification cognitive science collective acceptance group belief, we-belief, I-belief group goal, we-goal, I-goal philosophy of sociality social emotions social intelligence social interaction

Editors and affiliations

  • Andreas Herzig
    • 1
  • Emiliano Lorini
    • 2
  1. 1.University of Toulouse, CNRS-IRIT Universite Paul SabatierToulouse Cedex 9France
  2. 2.University of Toulouse, CNRS-IRIT Universite Paul SabatierToulouse Cedex 9France

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