Don Pigozzi on Abstract Algebraic Logic, Universal Algebra, and Computer Science

  • Janusz Czelakowski

Part of the Outstanding Contributions to Logic book series (OCTR, volume 16)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxiii
  2. Don Pigozzi
    Pages 1-51
  3. Hugo Albuquerque, Josep Maria Font, Ramon Jansana, Tommaso Moraschini
    Pages 53-79
  4. Clifford Bergman
    Pages 103-130
  5. Isabel Ferreirim, Manuel A. Martins
    Pages 167-201
  6. Alexandr Kazda, Marcin Kozik, Ralph McKenzie, Matthew Moore
    Pages 203-220
  7. Katarzyna Pałasińska
    Pages 257-271
  8. Anna B. Romanowska, Jonathan D.H. Smith
    Pages 273-295
  9. Antonino Salibra, Antonio Ledda, Francesco Paoli
    Pages 297-321

About this book


This book celebrates the work of Don Pigozzi on the occasion of his 80th birthday. In addition to articles written by leading specialists and his disciples, it presents Pigozzi’s scientific output and discusses his impact on the development of science. The book both catalogues his works and offers an extensive profile of Pigozzi as a person, sketching the most important events, not only related to his scientific activity, but also from his personal life.

It reflects Pigozzi's contribution to the rise and development of areas such as abstract algebraic logic (AAL), universal algebra and computer science, and introduces new scientific results. Some of the papers also present chronologically ordered facts relating to the development of the disciplines he contributed to, especially abstract algebraic logic. The book offers valuable source material for historians of science, especially those interested in history of mathematics and logic.


Hierarchies of Abstract Algebraic Logic Deduction-Detachment Theorem and Gentzen-Style Deductive Systems Boolean Semilattices Equationally-Defined Commutator in Quasivarieties Hidden Logic Absorption and Directed J´onsson Terms Congruence Modular Quasivarieties of Modules Finite Algebra Generates A Minimal Variety Protoalgebraic K-deductive Systems Diagrammatic Duality Boolean Product Representations of Algebras Paraconsistent Constructive Logic with Strong Negation Finite-dimensional Compact Hausdorff Topological Algebras Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic

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