Modern Developments in X-Ray and Neutron Optics

  • Alexei Erko
  • Mourad Idir
  • Thomas Krist
  • Alan G. Michette

Part of the Springer Series in optical science book series (SSOS, volume 137)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Theoretical Approaches and Calculations

    1. Alexei Erko, Mourad Idir, Thomas Krist, Alan G. Michette
      Pages 1-5
    2. Franz Schäfers
      Pages 9-41
    3. János Füzi
      Pages 43-55
    4. Jan Šaroun, J. Kulda
      Pages 57-68
    5. Marion Bowler, Johannes Bahrdt, Oleg Chubar
      Pages 69-90
    6. Stefano Lagomarsino, Inna Bukreeva, Alessia Cedola, Daniele Pelliccia, Werner Jark
      Pages 91-111
    7. F. Ott
      Pages 113-135
    8. Gerd Schneider, Stefan Rehbein, Stephan Werner
      Pages 137-171
  3. Nano-Optics Metrology

    1. Frank Siewert
      Pages 175-179
    2. Amparo Rommeveaux, Muriel Thomasset, Daniele Cocco
      Pages 181-191
    3. Frank Siewert, Heiner Lammert, Thomas Zeschke
      Pages 193-200
    4. Frank Siewert, Heiner Lammert, Thomas Zeschke, Thomas Hänsel, Andreas Nickel, Axel Schindler
      Pages 201-206
    5. Daniele Cocco, Muriel Thomasset
      Pages 207-211
    6. Amparo Rommeveaux, Muriel Thomasset, Daniele Cocco, Frank Siewert
      Pages 213-218
    7. Pascal Mercère, Mourad Idir, Johan Floriot, Xavier Levecq
      Pages 219-232
  4. Refection/Refraction Optics

    1. Anatoly Snigirev, Irina Snigireva
      Pages 255-285
    2. Aniouar Bjeoumikhov, Semfira Bjeoumikhova
      Pages 287-306
    3. Stefano Lagomarsino, Inna Bukreeva, Alessandro Surpi, Alan G. Michette, Slawka J. Pfauntsch, A. Keith Powell
      Pages 307-317
    4. Werner Jark, Frèderic Pèrennès, Marco Matteucci, Liberato De Caro
      Pages 331-351
  5. Multilayer Optics Developments

    1. Thomas Krist, Anke Teichert, Rita Kovács-Mezei, L. Rosta
      Pages 355-370
    2. Thomas Krist, Anke Teichert, Evgeni Meltchakov, Vladimir Vidal, Erwin Zoethout, Stephan Müllender et al.
      Pages 371-388
    3. Matej Jergel, Eva Majková, Christine Borel, Christian Morawe, Igor MaŤko
      Pages 389-406
    4. Juan I. Larruquert, Alan G. Michette, Christine Borel, Christian Morawe, Bernard Vidal
      Pages 407-436
  6. Diffraction Optics

    1. Alexei Erko, Alexander Firsov, Dmitry Roshchoupkin, Igor Schelokov
      Pages 471-500
    2. Dušan Korytár, Claudio Ferrari, Petr Mikulík, Fabrizio Germini, Patrik Vagovič, Tilo Baumbach
      Pages 501-512
    3. Vladimír Áč, Peter Perichta, Dušan Korytár, Petr Mikulík
      Pages 513-524
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 525-533

About this book


This volume describes modern developments in reflective, refractive and diffractive optics for short wavelength radiation as well as recent theoretical approaches to modelling and ray-tracing the X-ray and neutron optical systems. It is based on the joint research activities of specialists in X-ray and neutron optics from 11 countries, working together under the framework of the European Programme for Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST, Action P7) in the period 2002--2006. The chapters are written by leading specialists from European laboratories, universities and large facilities. In addition to new ideas and concepts, the contents provide a large amount of practical information about recently implemented devices and methods.


Absorption Monochromator Prism Sensor X-ray design development diffraction imaging machine measurement metrology optics optimization shape optimization

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  • Alexei Erko
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  • Mourad Idir
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  • Thomas Krist
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  • Alan G. Michette
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