Signal Transduction: Pathways, Mechanisms and Diseases

  • Ari Sitaramayya

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. G Proteins and G Protein–Coupled Receptors

  3. Growth Factors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 100-100
    2. Patrice E. Fort, Hisanori Imai, Raju Rajala, Thomas W. Gardner
      Pages 101-118
    3. Elizabeth S. Henson, Spencer B. Gibson
      Pages 119-141
    4. Hiroyuki Shimizu
      Pages 143-158
    5. Michael R. Mancuso, Calvin J. Kuo
      Pages 159-180
  4. Signaling Platforms

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 182-182
    2. F. Donelson Smith, Lorene K. Langeberg, John D. Scott
      Pages 183-197
    3. Astrid C. Schauss, Heidi M. McBridee
      Pages 199-217
    4. Danny N. Dhanasekaran, E. Premkumar Reddy
      Pages 219-236
    5. Indu S. Ambudkar, Hwei L. Ong, Brij B. Singh
      Pages 237-253
  5. Nuclear Receptors / Transcription

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 256-256
    2. Jennifer H. Gromek, Arik Dvir
      Pages 257-272
    3. Dapeng Zhang, Vance L. Trudeau
      Pages 273-288
  6. Reactive Signaling Molecules

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 312-312
    2. Michel B. Toledano, Simon Fourquet, Benoît D’Autréaux
      Pages 313-336
    3. Doris Koesling, Ari Sitaramayya
      Pages 337-349
  7. Cell Cycle, Cell Death and Cancer

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 352-352
    2. Paraskevi Vogiatzi, Pier Paolo Claudio
      Pages 353-374
    3. Diana van Heemst
      Pages 397-416
    4. Solene Jamet, Ruairi Friel, P. Joseph Mee
      Pages 417-425
    5. Astrid C. Schauss, Heidi M. McBridee
      Pages 437-437
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 427-436

About this book


This book was adapted from graduate courses on signal transduction taught by the editor, where the need for a good overview of recent developments on each of the topics being discussed became apparent. Given the wide range of research topics in signaling, a selection was made that not only reflects the current research interest, but also anticipates those areas that will continue to be of interest over the next several years.

The health-relatedness of research was a major criterion for selection, as can be seen in the list of topics covered, such as G protein coupled receptors, growth factors, nuclear receptors, reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, the cell cycle and cancer. The emphasis is on areas of signaling research with direct clinical significance. Another field covered, one rarely highlighted in signal transduction books, is that of signaling platforms, which has been emerging as a significant research area relevant to cellular metabolism, cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer.


Activation Cell Cycle G proteins Growth factors Receptors Vivo metabolism regulation transcription

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