Semantic Web Information Management

A Model-Based Perspective

  • Roberto de Virgilio
  • Fausto Giunchiglia
  • Letizia Tanca

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XX
  2. Roberto De Virgilio, Fausto Giunchiglia, Letizia Tanca
    Pages 1-7
  3. Paolo Atzeni, Riccardo Torlone
    Pages 9-24
  4. Fausto Giunchiglia, Feroz Farazi, Letizia Tanca, Roberto De Virgilio
    Pages 25-38
  5. Semantic Web Data Storage

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 39-39
    2. Yannis Velegrakis
      Pages 41-66
    3. Roberto De Virgilio, Pierluigi Del Nostro, Giorgio Gianforme, Stefano Paolozzi
      Pages 67-91
    4. Michele Catasta, Renaud Delbru, Nickolai Toupikov, Giovanni Tummarello
      Pages 93-123
  6. Reasoning in the Semantic Web

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 125-125
    2. Florian Fischer, Gulay Unel
      Pages 127-146
    3. Luciano Serafini, Martin Homola
      Pages 147-181
    4. Pavel Shvaiko, Fausto Giunchiglia, Mikalai Yatskevich
      Pages 183-202
    5. Giorgio Orsi, Letizia Tanca
      Pages 203-223
    6. Flavius Frasincar, Viorel Milea, Uzay Kaymak
      Pages 225-246
  7. Semantic Web Data Querying

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 247-247
    2. Andrea Calì, Georg Gottlob, Thomas Lukasiewicz
      Pages 249-279
    3. Marcelo Arenas, Claudio Gutierrez, Jorge Pérez
      Pages 281-307
    4. Tim Furche, Antonius Weinzierl, François Bry
      Pages 309-339
    5. François Bry, Tim Furche, Bruno Marnette, Clemens Ley, Benedikt Linse, Olga Poppe
      Pages 341-370
    6. Michael Schmidt, Thomas Hornung, Michael Meier, Christoph Pinkel, Georg Lausen
      Pages 371-393
  8. Semantic Web Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 395-395
    2. Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Domenico Lembo, Maurizio Lenzerini, Riccardo Rosati, Marco Ruzzi
      Pages 397-424
    3. Devis Bianchini, Valeria De Antonellis, Michele Melchiori
      Pages 425-448
    4. Simona Colucci, Tommaso Di Noia, Azzurra Ragone, Michele Ruta, Umberto Straccia, Eufemia Tinelli
      Pages 449-476
  9. Engineering Semantic Web Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 477-477
    2. Paolo Atzeni, Pierluigi Del Nostro, Stefano Paolozzi
      Pages 479-500
    3. Orri Erling, Ivan Mikhailov
      Pages 501-519
    4. Kees van der Sluijs, Geert-Jan Houben, Erwin Leonardi, Jan Hidders
      Pages 521-544
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 545-549

About this book


Databases have been designed to store large volumes of data and to provide efficient query interfaces. Semantic Web formats are geared towards capturing domain knowledge, interlinking annotations, and offering a high-level, machine-processable view of information. However, the gigantic amount of such useful information makes efficient management of it increasingly difficult, undermining the possibility of transforming it into useful knowledge.

The research presented by De Virgilio, Giunchiglia and Tanca tries to bridge the two worlds in order to leverage the efficiency and scalability of database-oriented technologies to support an ontological high-level view of data and metadata. The contributions present and analyze techniques for semantic information management, by taking advantage of the synergies between the logical basis of the Semantic Web and the logical foundations of data management. The book’s leitmotif is to propose models and methods especially tailored to represent and manage data that is appropriately structured for easier machine processing on the Web.

After two introductory chapters on data management and the Semantic Web in general, the remaining contributions are grouped into five parts on Semantic Web Data Storage, Reasoning in the Semantic Web, Semantic Web Data Querying, Semantic Web Applications, and Engineering Semantic Web Systems. The handbook-like presentation makes this volume an important reference on current work and a source of inspiration for future development, targeting academic and industrial researchers as well as graduate students in Semantic Web technologies or database design.


DBMS Design Extension Interface Metadata Management Ontology Alignment Ontology Matching Reasoning Web collaboration database knowledge knowledge representation ontology performance semantic web

Editors and affiliations

  • Roberto de Virgilio
    • 1
  • Fausto Giunchiglia
    • 2
  • Letizia Tanca
    • 3
  1. 1.Dipto. Informatica e AutomazioneUniversità Roma TreRomaItaly
  2. 2.Dipto. Ingegneria e ScienzaUniversità di TrentoPovoItaly
  3. 3.Dipto. Elettronica e Informazione (DEI)Politecnico di MilanoMilanoItaly

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