International Straits

Concept, Classification and Rules of Passage

  • Ana G. López Martín

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This book analyzes the regime of navigation in historical relation to the United Nations Convention of the Law of Sea (UNCLOS) of 10 December 1982, and then analyzes in detail the concept of international straits to arrive at a complete definition. This work examines the eight categories of straits laid out in the UNCLOS. It analyzes the right of innocent passage and the regime of transit passage, both systems of navigation in international straits, and then presents the domestic legislation and the traffic separation schemes which apply to international straits. Finally, the work includes a complete catalogue of straits with the reference to their respective UNCLOS articles.


Classes of Straits Concept of Straits Law of the Sea Navegation Straits

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  • Ana G. López Martín
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  1. 1., International Public LawUniversity Complutense of MadridMadridSpain

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