Honeybees of Asia

  • H. Randall Hepburn
  • Sarah E. Radloff

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Sarah E. Radloff, H. R. Hepburn, Michael S. Engel
    Pages 1-22
  3. Nikolaus Koeniger, Gudrun Koeniger, Deborah Smith
    Pages 23-50
  4. H. R. Hepburn, Sarah E. Radloff
    Pages 51-67
  5. Deborah R. Smith
    Pages 69-93
  6. Catherine L. Sole, Christian W. W. Pirk
    Pages 95-108
  7. Mananya Phiancharoen, Orawan Duangphakdee, H. R. Hepburn
    Pages 109-131
  8. H. R. Hepburn
    Pages 133-158
  9. Gudrun Koeniger, Nikolaus Koeniger, Mananya Phiancharoen
    Pages 159-206
  10. Christian W. W. Pirk, Catherine L. Sole, R. M. Crewe
    Pages 207-214
  11. Richard T. Corlett
    Pages 215-225
  12. Uma Partap
    Pages 227-255
  13. D. P. Abrol
    Pages 257-292
  14. H. R. Hepburn, Christian W. W. Pirk, Sarah E. Radloff
    Pages 293-312
  15. Orawan Duangphakdee, H. R. Hepburn, Jürgen Tautz
    Pages 313-332
  16. Ingemar Fries
    Pages 333-345
  17. Natapot Warrit, Chariya Lekprayoon
    Pages 347-368
  18. Stefan Fuchs, Jürgen Tautz
    Pages 369-395
  19. Gerald Kastberger, Frank Weihmann, Thomas Hoetzl
    Pages 397-443
  20. Ming-Xian Yang, Ken Tan, Sarah E. Radloff, H. R. Hepburn
    Pages 445-471
  21. H. R. Hepburn, Colleen Hepburn
    Pages 473-657
  22. Back Matter
    Pages 659-669

About this book


A multi-authored work on the basic biology of Asian honeybees, written by expert specialists in the field, this book highlights phylogeny, classification, mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, biogeography, genetics, physiology, pheromones, nesting, self-assembly processes, swarming, migration and absconding, reproduction, ecology, foraging and flight, dance languages, pollination, diseases/pests, colony defensiveness and natural enemies, honeybee mites, and interspecific interactions. Comprehensively covering the widely dispersed literature published in European as well as Asian-language journals and books, Honeybees of Asia provides an essential foundation for future research.


Asian honeybees biology classification ecology entomology

Editors and affiliations

  • H. Randall Hepburn
    • 1
  • Sarah E. Radloff
    • 2
  1. 1., Department of Zoology and EntomologyRhodes UniversityGrahamstownSouth Africa
  2. 2., Department of StatisticsRhodes UniversityGrahamstownSouth Africa

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