Molecular Chaperones

  • Sophie Jackson

Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 328)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Cordelia Schiene-Fischer, Tobias Aumüller, Gunter Fischer
    Pages 35-67
  3. Gillian R. Hilton, Hadi Lioe, Florian Stengel, Andrew J. Baldwin, Justin L. P. Benesch
    Pages 69-98
  4. Erik R. P. Zuiderweg, Eric B. Bertelsen, Aikaterini Rousaki, Matthias P. Mayer, Jason E. Gestwicki, Atta Ahmad
    Pages 99-153
  5. Sophie E. Jackson
    Pages 155-240
  6. Rebecca A. Dabbs, Amy R. Wyatt, Justin J. Yerbury, Heath Ecroyd, Mark R. Wilson
    Pages 241-268
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 269-272

About this book


A. K. Wallis
R. B. Freedman
Assisting Oxidative Protein Folding: How Do Protein Disulphide-Isomerases Couple Conformational and Chemical Processes in Protein Folding?

C. Schiene-Fischer
T. Aumüller
G. Fischer
Peptide Bond cis/trans Isomerases: A Biocatalysis Perspective of Conformational Dynamics in Proteins

G. R. Hilton
H. Lioe
F. Stengel
A. J. Baldwin
J. L. P. Benesch
Small Heat-Shock Proteins: Paramedics of the Cell

E. R. P. Zuiderweg
E. B. Bertelsen
A. Rousaki
M. P. Mayer
J. E. Gestwicki
A. Ahmad
Allostery in the Hsp70 Chaperone Proteins

S. E. Jackson
Hsp90: Structure and Function

R. A. Dabbs
A. R. Wyatt
J. J. Yerbury
H. Ecroyd
M. R. Wilson
Extracellular Chaperones


ATPase activity Allosteric change Endoplasmic reticulum Enzyme inhibitors Heat shock proteins Molecular chaperones Protein conformational dynamics Protein folding cis-trans Isomerases

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